Traits of an ideal workplace culture

workplace cultureHave you ever thought about the ideal workplace culture? What place do you go when you are looking to be most productive? Do you like working from home or you find yourself most productive in your office environment? If your office environment brings the best out of you, it can be considered as a great workplace environment. How will be the organization of your dream? It can be a company where individual differences are respected; information is shared with everyone; employee’s efforts are appreciated, and the rules don’t hinder employee’s growth. The definition of ideal organizational culture varies according to an individual’s viewpoints. There are various common traits of a great workplace culture; some of them are discussed here. Transparency in communication Transparent and open communications make employees realize their contribution toward the organization. For continuously improving the workplace, welcome constructive feedbacks. Listen actively to employee’s suggestions and provide a solution to the challenges they face. Work-Life Balance Employees, who achieve their personal as well as professional goals, are the ones with highest job satisfaction. People who work too hard or are workaholics are usually considered as the ‘Good’ employees. Management should promote work-life balance habits and should reward employees who maintain good balance between work and life, and still perform well. Leadership that fosters growth and development Be the leader you will want as an employee. According to research, employee’s perception of their workplace is directly correlated to his or her manager. You have to develop your leadership in order to enhance individual growth of your team members.  Help your employees to overcome their problems and guide them to develop their skills. Let folks be themselves Recognize individuals not only by what they do, but who they are. Remember, employees expect to be respected in their work as well as their personal lives. Support individuals when they face some personal challenges. Your concern and care will result in long term employee and brand loyalty. Balance work and play It is not necessary that office should be all about work. You can provide some playtime to employees by having a break room, containing some games and snacks to allow employees time to unplug, recharge and refuel. Encourage employees to take breaks on regular intervals. Their performance will be better if they will be excited to be at work. Also persuade social activities and team hangouts outside the office. Implementing these values at your organization will help you create a great workplace culture. Let your organization be a place where people look forward to come to work and enjoy it.

Anna Verasai
Anna Versai is a Team Writer at The HR Digest; she covers topics related to Recruitment, Workplace Culture, Interview Tips, Employee Benefits, HR News and HR Leadership. She also writes for Technowize, providing her views on the Upcoming Technology, Product Reviews, and the latest apps and softwares.

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