Transform Yourself into a Practically Productive Employee

Practically productive employee

A good employer is the one who empowers his employees experience better results and supports the fact of employee empowerment, but a good employee is the one who learns the art of molding one’s own self into a practically productive employee. As much as empowered employees are good for business, so are the empowered employees.

A practical employee is the one, who knows how to give their productive best while maintaining practicality. For example, if they have been assigned a task to be completed within a certain time-limit, they find out practical methods to finish the task before the deadline without damaging their productivity. For another instance, I am a writer; my boss has given me a huge article to be finished within 1.5 hours, now the task is tough, either I compromise with my productivity or I find out a practical source to finish it before the deadline. How will I do it? Simple, I will use my productivity to write a shorter article, which is less time consuming, but the content in it should reflect my excellent research and skills. In the meantime I am being productive; I will be utilizing my practicality as well.

Productive employees who effectively manage to fulfill their entire days’ task list, without compromising their productivity aren’t superhuman. They are like us, just a difference, they are a practically productive employee.

Let us go through a few essentials on how you can transform yourself into a practically productive employee.

# Avoid messy desk space

While, researchers might suggest that having messy desk space is a positive phenomenon for productive people, it may not go well with everyone. Few can work in the messy surrounding, whereas other love sterile environment. If, you are the latter, immediately “Declutter” your desk space.

# Less yet smart

How many hours you work in a day for a certain task doesn’t matter, instead, how effectively you do does. Do not stick yourself towards a long work schedule mindset; you can work for fewer hours in the meantime maintaining your productivity level. According to a research, people who work for 56 hours have the same productivity level as to those who work for 70 hours.

# Focus on High-Value Activities

People tend to be efficient at elements, which arrives naturally. Sometimes, the task may feel like a real struggle and it is very likely to hinder progress. Try focusing on high-value activities rather than higher effort activities.

# Maintain a distance from productivity killers

In order to become a practically productive employee, it is very crucial. You need to figure out your distractions, and smartly distance yourself from them. These productivity killers include chatting, gossiping, social media, the internet, and email. Remember, time is important. Do not waste it on such killers.

# Plan your tasks practically

Yes, this step is very important. Often, employees seek to plan their schedule ahead without being practical. They plan impractical schedule, which is almost impossible for them to achieve, and at the end of the day, they end up depressed due to inefficiency and incapability of finishing their task on time as per schedule. Be practical when you plan.

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