4 Major HR Trends You’ll See In 2017

4 Major HR Trends You’ll See In 2017

We are already three months past the beginning of 2017, and some HR trends and practices are being redesigned or…

5 years ago

Employers’ Guide to Managing Compensation Claims

Usually on The HR Digest, we talk about the direct and indirect form of compensation and its multitude of types ranging…

6 years ago

Traits of an ideal workplace culture

Have you ever thought about the ideal workplace culture? What place do you go when you are looking to be…

7 years ago

Want Unlimited Maternity and Paternity leave? Netflix says yes!

Netflix’s happens to be a huge success by keeping the most talented and outstanding individuals in their region. Theories and…

7 years ago

Hike in Minimum Wage Could Sour Economy

Since a decade now, in good times or bad, workers are suffering stagnant wages. By giving a boost to minimum…

7 years ago