Faculty Salaries Fell By Nearly 5% As Inflation Eats Into Living Costs

Faculty Salaries Fell By Nearly 5% As Inflation Eats Into Living Costs

Inflation jumps have resulted in increased prices, with the year-on-year inflation touching 8.6%. The annual faculty salary data also points…

1 week ago

The Latest Compensation Trends Redefine Job Satisfaction

Experts admit that the last two years have had a lasting impact on the future of work and human resource…

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The LGBTQ Wage Gap – Present and Rising

One in 10 LGBTQ people in the US admitted they had experienced workplace discrimination between 2020 and 2021. Experts believe…

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How to Negotiate for a Pay Raise

Do your research and come prepared with facts and data to back up your request. If possible, bring in some…

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The New Get-Rich-Quick Scheme – Work Two Jobs Remotely

Full time remote employees feel that it is fine to play the system to their advantage. Those working two full…

4 weeks ago

The LinkedIn DOL Agreement: $1.8 Million in Back Pay for Gender Pay Bias

As per the DOL, LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, paid their female employees significantly less than their male counterparts…

2 months ago

What Is a Stipend? How Do Stipends Work?

In this short guide, we explain what a stipend is, who is qualified for one, and how it can help…

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How to Answer “What Is Your Expected Salary?”

The way you respond “What is your expected salary?” may show to the hiring manager whether you are overqualified or…

3 months ago

Overpaid CEOs a Huge Red Flag for Company Stability, Shareholder Advocacy Group Says

A growing number of shareholders opposing pay package proposals may reflect dissatisfaction with how CEOs are overpaid in relation to…

3 months ago

How to Create a Sales Compensation Plan

Learn how to create a compensation plan, including how to pay commissions and calculate a sales professional’s overall salary.

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How to Manage Pay Equity in the Workplace

Adopting some, or all, of these actions may help to promote a pay equity culture in the workplace.

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Earn While You Learn: Tips to Study When You Are Working

Being a student is a pivotal period in an individual's life. Here are a few life-changing tips on how to…

3 months ago

Google Execs tell workers they won’t raise pay to match inflation

The Alphabet-owned company is trying to pay competitively, however it won’t introduce companywide adjustments to match inflation.

7 months ago

How Reddit’s Antiwork has made employers rethink intangible employee benefits

r/Antiwork, a subreddit typically filled with horror stories about bad bosses has now changed America’s attitude about workplace compensation and…

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How To Answer What Is Your Expected Salary

Here are a few things to keep in mind while answering the common job interview question "What is your expected…

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Why Employers Don’t Include Salary in Job Posts (and What To Do About It)

If you did a job search recently, you could see that some companies do not include salary information in their…

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