Qualities That Are Often Mistaken As Weaknesses

mistaken as weaknesses

We all possess some of those qualities that are often mistaken as weaknesses. No, I’m not talking about binge-watching, I’m referring to those professional traits that you are ashamed of.

We often consider some of our qualities as “bad” and do not want to boast about them in the office because we think they would depict us as weak or apprehensive. Some of the qualities indeed might be something that should be considered as a drawback but more of those qualities are just mistaken as weaknesses while they may be included in the list of your strengths. Or at least you can boast about them at the workplace.

Being a follower

Everyone in the corporate world is so infatuated about leading that they often consider being a follower as a weakness or the inability to lead. But, we forget that a leader needs followers to accomplish the goals or to work towards it. So you can stop comparing the ability to lead to the chances of success and boast about how good you are at following instructions. It can really be helpful when your boss notices that you can take instructions and can implement them really well so as to achieve your team goals.

Being a Quitter

We all have heard them say “The winner never quits and the quitter never wins.” Well, I totally disagree with that. No doubt “Quitter” is a murderous word and is on the top of qualities that are mistaken as weaknesses but quitters are not necessarily losers. When you create a list of some awful professional traits that you possess, you might think of adding this quality, but don’t.


Undeniably, you do not have to quit every time you hit some bumps on the road, however, you should know your limits. You cannot tolerate the entire nuisance and not accept when things aren’t working out for you just due to the fear of being a “Quitter”.

Asking for help

You don’t want to tell your prospective employer that you need help from others when they ask “What are your greatest weaknesses?” Won’t it hurt my self-pride if I say that? Well, employees often don’t say “no” even when they have too much on their plate, just to show their employer that they are qualified employees who can get things done by themselves. Well, if you have too much workload, there’s no shame in asking for help. Plus, it will portray you as someone who is not too prideful to take someone’s help and make you a better team player.

Being Shy

There is a difference between shyness and introversion. No doubt, being too shy can cause you to miss some of the amazing opportunities. But, shy people are more observant and reflective than outgoing people. You might be considering it as a weakness and would want to be an extrovert. But, why to lose something you have to get something that you don’t.

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