Two Questions To Ask Employees Before They Quit

When a star employee tells you they are considering moving on, it’s usually an unexpected disclosure. Some decide to move on to pursue another opportunity, for better compensation or perhaps to follow a bigger purpose in life. There is always a reason why a star employee is leaving you behind, right? When an employee decides to quit your company, there’s little time to try to talk them out of their decision. Nevertheless, you must choose to learn why they decided to quit in the first place, and how it can help you. Here are two questions to ask employees before they quit.

Questions to ask employees before they quit

No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to conduct an exit interview to find out the motivation behind your employee’s decision to quit. You’ll learn something interesting, and be able to fill the shortcomings which might help you retain star employees in the future. Don’t hesitate to ask the below mentioned exist interview questions. You know your employee may not have sweet things to say about the company and the job. Keep in mind that this is your last chance to have an honest and open discussion with your employee before they move on.

Do you think you had the resources you needed to do your job effectively?

This is one of the most important exit interview questions. Ask this question to learn if your employee had all the resources needed to get their job done. Let your employee air their grievances about lack of training and development, lack of technology, or an unhelpful team. The answer will help you figure out how to lend your support to employees and what must be done to invest in the future to create a better work environment.

questions to ask before employee leave

An exist interview is your last chance to have an honest and open discussion with your employee before they move on.

Do you feel your job aligned with your goals?

Everybody has a bigger vision of their life. By working with you, your employee chose to align their vision of their life around your organization. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your employee will be able to tap into their passions to explore their interests at work. Studies have shown that when an employee is able to tap into their personal and professional interests, they are more likely to be engaged at the workplace. This question will be able to give you insights as to what initiatives could be integrated to value your employees’ passions and purpose. So, here it is. The two most exit interview questions to ask employees before they quit. The questions will help you learn about the positive aspects of your company and learn to hire star employees from a recruitment standpoint.

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