Which Type Of Procrastinator Are You?


So which type of procrastinator are you? Oh, you don’t have to be ashamed of that.

Everyone procrastinates at some point in their life, the only difference is, each one of us are a different type of procrastinator and the situation in which they choose to do nothing else than procrastinating.

Here are some types of procrastination; you can now officially know what type of procrastinator you are.

The Perfectionist

The perfectionists set unrealistic expectations and due to that they never start a task. If you get overwhelmed by the thought of getting every detail perfect, you are the perfectionist. Even when you have already started a task, you would find it extremely difficult to finish it as you would expect every detail to be in place. Meeting those unrealistic expectations is going to be extremely difficult for you as well as the people who are on your team and are assigned a job that they have to get done while collaborating with you.


The Dreamer

Abstract thoughts seem more pleasing to you than the real-life actions that are required to get things done. If you are this type of procrastinator, you may find it difficult to plan details and to follow through a task. You might imagine of getting the reward that will be the end result, but you are not able to focus on the work you need to do or action that you need to take in order to get there.

The Snacker

Well, you feel hungry when you are about to start. You need a little snack now and then before you can put some effort in being productive. You need to have that protein bar, it will give you the energy to do more. You eat before starting your work, then after half an hour, you feel exhausted due to all the efforts that you are putting in the task and so you need to eat again, this is a vicious cycle, which continues as long as you need to work.

The Internet Researcher

The reason for procrastinating is that they are sidetracked by random internet content as they decide to get done with their work. Of course, you need to watch that funny cat video as a part of your research for the project. We are not judging you, buddy!

The Defier

A lot of tasks seem like a total waste of your time, energy, and resources. According to you, it’s better to not do anything than to do something that has no worth. And I totally agree with you. Why not just to sit and relax than to do something that adds no value to your life. Right?

The Napper

Sleep is really important, and you think that it’s a great idea to have a nap before starting the work, it boosts creativity. I totally agree with you, my fellow procrastinator.

Anna Verasai
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