Unrealistic Career Expectations That Dwells Among Millennials

Students who recently graduated and are making their move from college to corporate seem to have really unrealistic career expectations. All the millennials fancy it is as bad as shown in those 80s American movies, believe me, it’s much worse.

Unrealistic Career Expectations

You won’t be wearing those fancy clothes at work

While you might be dreaming that you might look like Anna Hathaway from The Devil Wears Prada (post make-over of course) in all those classy clothes and heels, in real life, you would want to wear your most comfortable clothes at work, let alone the heels. You would be waking up at a profane hour so you would just rush to work without bothering much about looking your best. Wearing a decent shirt and reaching the office on time is too much to do when it comes to real life.

9 to 5 is a lie

Say Whaaat? Yeah, you might have seen those movie actors leaving the office as soon as the clock strikes 5, but that can be listed under unrealistic career expectations when it comes to real life. You will have to stay in the office until you are done with your work. And that doesn’t mean you can come in late on the next day and no pay for working overtime. So, your office hours are 9 to until your boss tells you to leave or you are finally done with your work. How does that sound?

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Gone are the days of summer holidays

You no longer have to wait for the holidays, as they are never going to come. Gone are the days when you will have month-long holidays. All you will get is 25 days annually and you can plan your vacation within those days. And before you make any plans in your mind, let me remind you that you won’t be allowed more than 10 days off in a row, so forget that 20 days trip that you were planning. Some offices don’t even guarantee that employees will get the Christmas week off. Do you still expect more?

Office politics is inescapable

When you might have heard your older friends talking about workplace politics, you might have decided that you would keep yourself away from politics whenever you make the move from college to corporate. But beware my friend, office politics is kind of unavoidable and you will require dealing with it at some point in time. At initial stage, you might escape it somehow, but once you get affected sue to some office politics, there’s no coming back.

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You won’t be making as much money as you think

Even when you are talented, those unrealistic career expectations won’t help you in receiving a six-digit salary within the 2 years of your working life. You would be earning a lot when you would gain much experience and expertise in a specific field. Until then hold your horses.

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