The Alternative To Those Useless College Degrees

Growing up, we were given the illusion of the golden ticket that we may receive after earning a paper degree. The opportunities that we were promised might not arrive if you have wasted a few years behind one of the useless college degrees.

Having a paper degree was a big deal before 40 years when only 25% of middle-class workers had a degree. But, the value of a degree is becoming more of a commodity rather than an asset as a majority of people today own a college degree.

Useless college degrees

If you are currently reading this, you’re almost certainly wondering if your current degree is included in the list of useless college degrees or will it help your career in any manner. Or you are a high-school senior, having a hard time in deciding which degree to pursue.

Here is a list of most useless college degrees that you might not require before getting a relevant job:

Computer Science

When it comes to technology, practical implementation is always ahead of what traditional education teaches you. Getting a degree in computer science directly contradicts your goal that might be to stay ahead of the latest technology trends.

I assume most of you want to learn how to code so that you can get hired by one of the tech unicorns. But instead of getting useless college majors, you can learn to code using some amazing platforms like Treehouse or Codecademy and develop your own website by directly applying what you learn.

Criminal Justice

If you are planning to get this degree, you probably want to become a police officer, a detective or maybe want to enter law. In that case, earning this degree won’t be of much use. According to the BLS, detectives and police officers don’t really need a degree beyond a high-school diploma. The reason behind this is that most of the practical knowledge is gained after joining the academy through on-the-job training. And if you want to enter law, then political science is a better option than criminal justice.


Learning entrepreneurship from books is like reading a book on how to ride a bike without riding it for real. You ask any successful entrepreneur, they will tell you that entrepreneurship is something that cannot be taught, you need to learn it from experience.

The easier way to be an entrepreneur is to start a small business. You can handle this business after your work hours, as your side gig. It is better to experience it by yourself that to watch others reaching the top.


You don’t require a communication degree to prove that you are a good communicator. You can develop your communication skills and know how to converse with new people by meeting as many people as you can. You don’t have to waste 4 years of your life just to know how to communicate. This is one of the worst college degrees that you can ever get.

Instead of getting useless college majors in communication, you can start your own podcast and interview different people for that. World’s best communicators are not those who are good at speaking, but those who ask fascinating questions and know the power of listening.

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