Using Social Media for Recruiting and Hiring

With US jobless claims having dipped to a historic low, it has become even more imperative for recruiters and hiring managers to find the right talent.  Using the right platform to scout for talent is a challenge recruiters often face. Social media platforms have in recent years become effective recruitment tools. And the concept is quite simple and straightforward. Find and connect with top talents from around the world. The use of social media for recruiting became even more prevalent since HR managers started welcoming the idea of having remote employees. It’s not difficult to see why the concept is yielding excellent results. Social media allows people to easily interact and express themselves and/or ideas online.

social media for hiring

A social media recruiting strategy may involve the use of one or more social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. These platforms allow recruiters to effortlessly access and to connect with candidates remotely, with some of them such as LinkedIn able to make recommendations based on the user’s profile information. That sounding so simple, it’s important to note that not all organizations using social media recruiting strategy do it successfully.

Ways of Effectively Using Social Media for Recruiting

Subtly promote your organization’s culture

Using social media to hire requires you to first promote your values and culture to attract the right candidates. And you’ll need more than just the regular job posting from the company’s social media accounts to achieve this. Begin by subtly promoting your company culture at every given opportunity to gather as much interest as possible. Use social media to let people know about your company’s work culture and why more people should be a part of it.  This is because people enjoy discussing and sharing stuff from companies with unique cultures, including the top talents in your radar.

Maintain an active online presence

If you can create your own unique voice on social media, half of the battle is won. For that, maintaining an active social media presence is crucial.  Maintaining an active online presence increases your chances of attracting the right candidates. Ensure you make use of great hashtags when posting job openings or accomplishments. Hashtags like #ABChiring, #JobOpen or #devjobs can help send your message to the right candidates.

Make good use of niche networks

It’s no longer hard to find a lot of people on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter nowadays. However, this high population makes finding the right group of persons a bit challenging. But niche networks compliment these social media platforms as recruiting tools. Looking through the specific niche network and forum makes it easier to find the specific candidates. Example, Marketers are found actively involved in Moz and Warrior Forum, developers are on GitHub and StackOverflow sharing knowledge.  Ensure you make good use of these niche networks.

Allow every employee to participate

Most multinational companies set strict social media rules for their employees. However, for any company to effectively use social media for recruiting, they must allow employees to share work-rated experience on social media in a responsible manner. When they share their awesome experience working in your organization, it increases the curiosity of potential candidates to work with you. In line with that, do the needful to encourage all employees to share available job openings too on their handles. It’s possible you have social media power users within your ranks.

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