Value your Workforce this Employee Appreciation Day

Most employers are aware of the fact that employees are the lifeblood of their business. This makes it essential for the employers to make sure that the employees are content at the workplace. Employees dedicate a majority of their everyday schedule as well as efforts to the company which enables it growth. It is important to appreciate an employee’s work so that he feels that the hard work he puts in does not go unnoticed. Whenever an employee is praised, he is motivated to work harder and shows more dedication towards the company. For this, Employee Appreciation Day is an ideal occasion when the employer can appreciate his employees on a yearly business for their hard work and sincere dedication. This will significantly accelerate the work productivity of an individual.

The concept of employee appreciation day came up in the year 1995 by Bob Nelson who was a founding Recognition Professional International board member and also owned a publishing company, Workman Publishing. He encouraged his company to celebrate this holiday on an unofficial basis in order to encourage a cordial bond between the employer and the employees. Since then, a number of companies in the U.S. and Canada have been celebrating this day as a gesture of gratitude to the employees for their hard work all year round. This day must be celebrated on the first Friday of the month of March in a way which makes the employees feel appreciated.

Pamper the employees with treats

There is nobody who wouldn’t like a treat and food is something which makes everyone happy. Instead of the usual corporate lunches ordered in the office, selecting special dishes on the employee appreciation day will make the day stand out in comparison to other such celebrations. This enables all the employees to get together during lunch and indulge in informal conversation as well. Laughter floating around the dining table among the employees instantly uplifts the mood and helps them get closer.

Employee appreciation day

Appreciation of employees acts as a driving force which encourages them to work better.

Another way to treat the employees is to offer them a voucher for a day at the spa. This will help them forget all their worries for a while and just indulge in relaxation. A simple movie treat or a bowling game together is a fun way of celebration. In case the company’s budget doesn’t allow such a lavish treat, small but thoughtful things like getting the employees’ cars washed or giving them a day off for themselves will also make a difference. Such gestures will make the employees feel special on this employee appreciation day.

Encourage them this employee appreciation day

At times, a materialistic gift does not have the kind of impact a personal gesture might make. As the day is about appreciating employees, it is important to not miss out on the essence of the celebration. During the celebration, make it a point to personally appreciate each employee for his efficiency. This is possible by stating his qualities which helped improve his work productivity. Encouraging employees in front of their colleagues boosts their confidence and motivates them to do better. If there isn’t enough time to appreciate every individual, hand them cards with personal messages as a token of appreciation. They can place these cards at their workstations as a driving factor to do better each day.

The employee appreciation day lets the employees know that the company values their services. But it is important to note that the employees must feel appreciated all year round. By doing so, the employees feel more responsible towards the overall growth of the company. This growth is beneficial for the employer as well as the employees. Each individual needs a motivational factor which drives them to perform well. Such a celebration promotes them to work in order to attain appreciation in front of their peers.

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