Virtual Holiday Party Ideas Everyone Will Love!

The pandemic has forced people to embrace the virtual as the norm—be it work, or conducting everyday life chores. So when it comes to holding the annual holiday office bash to celebrate the Christmas season, virtual it is.

Such celebrations give remote employees a chance to relax and connect with coworkers. There is sharing and giving and an engagement process too.

Here we bring you some ideas to make this socially distanced way to celebrate Xmas more exciting and merry.

There are virtual party hosters, yes you heard it right, one can hire someone to conduct a virtual party for the whole team, and make the experience enjoyable, smooth and glitch-free.

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

They conduct party games, quizzes, scavenger hunts and even arrange for surprise gifts if required.

One very popular idea is Gingerbread Wars.

It involves actual cookies and competitions and games revolving around the same. Each participant is sent a kit ahead of time with frosties, candies, cookies and candles and more. The fun then begins online with people asked to use the basket ingredients to make portraits, make creative combinations, play trivia, etc. The aim is generally to have a good laugh, a friendly competition and share the holiday spirit.

An office version of the “Never have I ever” game

Have a list of 10 questions and get the participants to answer these by holding up both hands and folding the fingers if you have. The person with the most fingers still standing wins the game.

Here are some questions that can be asked.

  • You have regifted a present.
  • Tidied the area around the computer just before the call
  • Do not believe in Santa
  • Peeked at presents in advance
  • Dropped hints for your Christmas present
  • Got drunk at the office party
  • Rushed to get a last-minute present for someone you forgot to get one for.
  • You always have a stock of generic presents hoarded.
  • Never knocked down anything at a party, including people.
  • The above are just suggestions, you can add your own questions too.
  • Have a proper drinks party

One can arrange to have the appropriate drinks and ingredients dropped at each employee’s house. Send in formal invites and a dress code too. Make it formal with a Christmas twist.

You want the party to remain formal then just keep it light with general conversation or make it more fun by inviting people to join in Christmas carol singing, guess the next line, and some such fun activities. You can get a little creative and work a little at getting people involved in the virtual process. The host has to work as in any party situation at involving the people in the festivities.

Best part is, after the party, there will be no drink and drive.

Secret Santa

A perfect way to get people involved in the spirit of gifting and spreading joy is Secret Santa. To hold a virtual office Secret Santa, you can pick names using a gift exchange generator, then send presents, and wait to open gifts together over Zoom at the online party.

It is advisable to send physical gifts rather than virtual ones as it adds the more tactile, traditional element and is more fun.

It is important to set a budget for the event. A theme can also work well. Arrange for the gifts to be mailed by a central agency, so it is streamlined.

A virtual philanthropic party

The holidays are a time for giving. There are many virtual events being organized for the holiday season where office colleagues can gather to celebrate the Christmas spirit by participating in events, quizzes, competitions, etc. that will unlock giveaways to predetermined charitable organizations. 

Attendees can answer trivia questions to win free Kibble for animal shelters and hunt for items to donate to food banks. One such activity is offered by Kindness Quest.

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