Want to Learn the Best Leadership Lessons? Spend Some Time with Children!

Every aspiring entrepreneur looks up to a leader or a story for leadership inspiration. We even go through various articles and documentaries of leadership lessons. But we tend to ignore beautiful little human beings that can teach us so much without even trying to. Yes, we are talking about children.

The simplest leadership lessons can be learned if we observe these innocent children, without spending dollars on leadership courses or documentaries. Wonder how children, some of who may not be old enough to even spell leadership can teach essential leadership lessons? Well, have a look folks.

Vital Leadership Lessons

Results before Efforts

Yes, every entrepreneur has a definite goal for his company to achieve targets and results. But this achievement is not possible if there is no toiling process involved. Children never think of ‘when’ something is going to happen. They just want it to happen. For which, they figure out the ‘how’ to make it happen and put in all their efforts.

If we work with all our capabilities towards something, achieving results is definite. This leadership lesson shows that rather worrying on the ‘when’ of results, we should focus on the ‘how’ aspect of our targets and goals.

Exploration Combined with Curiosity is a Skill

Leaders and entrepreneurs need to keep exploring about various new trends, ups and downs of the market, and many more things. Things frequently turn out to be in stagnant phases and we forget the powerful tool of exploration.

We get so intertwined in our routines that we almost get comfortable with it instead of breaking free and trying something new. While, children are always curious to learn something new, something different. At times they may not even give up until they have a clarity regarding their doubts.

This is the unique quality that can make a leader stand-out from the group. Children teach us this leadership lesson of curiosity, continuous exploration and about never giving up, given whatever age. This leadership virtue of exploration and curiosity leads to our next point.

Never Stop Learning

Have you seen any child getting satisfied with just one answer to his question? The child will go on to dig his curiosity by asking all possible questions. This can lead him to so much insightful information. Also, who said that the learning process marks a period at the attainment of some degree? No, it does not. Learning is an eternal process, it never stops. You learn something new every day, even during mundane routines, if you have the knack of keen observation.

Remember, the sign of a great and humble leader is not his looks, but the way his mind and intellectual is decorated with knowledge. Also, to become a successful leader you need to be up-to-date with the latest know-hows, trends, and technology. For which, dear leaders, you should never stop your learning process. Always keep asking the Five W’s – What, Why, Where, When, Who, and continue the process of lifelong learning.

Live Your Life

Being a leader does not mean you let the pressures and stress of leadership get so much to your head that you forget being happy. We understand that when it comes to being a leader, you have to constantly keep planning about the future, goals, targets, and ways to accomplish the same.

But such future plans and far-sightedness is best for the business, not for your happiness. You should not let the stress and tensions rug down on your happy quotient. Leave your worries at the doors of your office and be happy to be alive. Notice how children are smiling most of the times and are always present with you, with their full attention, in the moment.

A great leader is someone who can focus cent percent on current issues whenever needed, who can drive the clan by being in the moment, being present with them, both physically and mentally. Well, great leaders are also happy people. If the leader is happy and cheerful, the good energetic vibes automatically spreads to his kin and people.

Leadership Lessons from Children

Well, leaders and aspiring leaders, these are just some of the leadership lessons and inspirations you can draw from interactions with children that we have jotted down. Try to spend some time with these innocent little humans and you will also know how powerful and impactful lessons you can learn from them.

Have children inspired you for something? If yes, do share your experiences with us by leaving a comment in the box below or drop in an E-mail at – info@thehrdigest.com.

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