Want To Be Taken Seriously at Work? Here Are Three Things To Do

Do you feel you have difficulty being taken seriously at work early in your tenure with a new company, career or communication with a new client or customer? Then there is a need to examine your own behavior on how you conform to some sensitive ethics in a corporate environment. It is possible that you’re exhibiting an attitude that prevents people from engaging you accordingly.

You must be ready to listen

The most effective way to avoid a clash of concerns is by listening, that’s a key requirement from you to be taken seriously at work. Regardless of how excellent your ideas are, presenting them in a way that is out of point to your audience makes them pointless. The idea you are presenting must consider the concerns and knowledge of other. And you can only learn what others care about or know by listening to them. Listen to how they present their information. Ask questions. And find out if there are things they don’t want to discuss from the pauses in what they say.

Finally, examine the language others are using while you are introducing your ideas. Don’t stick with your proposals firmly or push further with phrases to sound smart if your ideas are not going down well. Understand how others see them and try to link what they care about. You may have to wait for another time to bring your ideas if you can’t find any discrepancy.

Want to be taken seriously at work

Do you take challenges seriously?

Another factor that would determine how others interact with you is how you treat problems they are grappling with.  It is often easy to find where things are going wrong when you first start with a client or join an organization. While the problems may be obvious and easy to fix, there is a need to reflect on the systems already in place to avoid creating competing goals. It could also be ideal if the compromises deny the organization a few benefits but resolve the challenge with a good balance.

Before presenting these ideas, try to understand why the company is doing things with the existing system. Others will assume you don’t really understand the problem if your suggestions do not take away the complexity. While presenting your ideas, don’t just consider the phrases to sound smart and create more confusion. People will start to discount other things you say if you begin with trifling ideas.

Do you take your words seriously?

You don’t expect others to take you seriously when you do otherwise to yourself. Building a reputation as someone who gets things done sends a good message to others. That means you take the lead to ensure the progress of all the ideas you have discussed with people for the future. Also, you need to follow up with everyone to ensure they know their responsibilities and do whatever you have promised to do. People can only listen to what you say when you always do them.

Broadcasting your accomplishments is a very bad idea. Recognize that the conversations that people have in your absence are much of what gets you taken seriously at work. Continuing doing your good work well is the fundamental factor, though developing a reputation that creates an orientation in other people to always take you seriously will take time. But while you are pushing for such reputation, avoid behaviors that can reset all you have built such overstepping boundaries with others during an office holiday party.

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