Ways To Build Lasting Relationships At Work

When you are spending more than half of your waking hours at your workplace it is obvious that you don’t want to do it alone. As a basic human need, people around you who are on the same frequency as yours. This not only makes the surrounding cheerful but also makes you feel comfortable, increasing your output. There are many ways to build relationships with your colleagues, out of which one works all the time. But before we get there some other ways are mentioned below:

Build Relationships for a Great Workplace Ambiance

build relationships

Balance Your Roles

The most important aspect of building great business relationships is knowing when, where, and how to act. You can be cheerful, you can be fun-loving, but you should also know when to be serious. If you are someone who leads the pack, do not let confidence get over your head. There are times when you will need someone else’s help. At such times, be humble enough to let someone else take the charge.

A Helping Hand Does Not Require Permission

Most of your co-workers will be ready to help each other when they are asked. Well, what about those times when help is needed but not asked for? If you feel that the opposite one is really in need of a hand and is shy to ask for the same, be there.

This is a keystone to build relationships that are everlasting. That person will never forget your presence in the time of need. But by no means, we are saying that you should just go out and help someone even if he does not want it. You can politely ask them if they are in need of something and then do the honors.

Be a Giver

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This one is an important way to build relationships not just for business but personal also. Always, we repeat, always be a giver. People feel connected when they sense that someone is constantly thinking about them. This builds a two-way connection between you and your colleagues. When you do receive, receive things gracefully and gratefully. For other times, be a giver… A giver of help, support, motivation, happiness, and all good emotions!

Well, you can also give one or two compliments now and then. Praising someone out of the blue does no harm and instead boosts the feel-good vibe in the receiver, helping you build relationships and a cordial bond. Just remember no to overdo it and keep your compliments genuine.

Laugh Together

A good sense of humor, cheerful faces all around, and a shared laughter… All these when combined to, when combined together, the recipe of creating great business relationships. To build relationships nothing is as important as keeping the workplace surroundings light and sharing a good laugh.

A study from the University of Pennsylvania and the Harvard University found similar results. According to this study, those people that were comfortable to crack jokes with others at workplace came out as more confident.

It is really obvious that when laughter surrounds you, stress levels automatically decrease. Even if it is there; you perceive stress in a different lookout and work can flow smoothly with a good laugh every once in a while. Not to forget, helping you build relationships that last more than just work hours.

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