When You Wear Your Outfit, Accessorize it With Confidence

Confidence is the one virtue that can set apart winners from losers. There are times when a person might not have put in cent percent efforts for a project but his confidence can mark the victory. In comparison to this, a person putting in all his efforts but lacking confidence can face insecurities and fears. Also, who does not want to be someone people can look up to? Do you know about the easy ways to immediately boost confidence? Yes, confidence cannot be injected in someone but adopting some simple ways can certainly show significant results.

Well, confidence is needed for many aspects at a workplace. To execute presentations, have a meeting with seniors, to pass on a crucial message to co-workers. Confidence is, in fact, the most important quality needed to become a great leader. If you cannot carry yourself with confidence, how will you lead a whole group?

You cannot become confident overnight by simply taking a ‘Confidence Pill’. Nothing like that is available anywhere in the world. You need to put in efforts and adopt some simple and easy ways to immediately boost confidence.

Easy Ways to Immediately Boost Confidence

easy ways to immediately boost confidence

immediately boost confidence

Say No to Comfort Zones

How can you conquer your fears and insecurities without facing it? You need to get up and get going. Just moving out of your comfort zone is also enough to give you that much-needed dose of confidence.

We are not giving you any false hopes that you will get it right on your first try itself. If you fail, you at least know that there is a different avenue to try the next time. But this will build a sense of confidence in you that no matter what, you can keep going.

Incantation Works Wonders

An incantation is a series of words or a sentence which can work as magic. Why? Because an incantation is more powerful than an affirmation. An affirmation is being positive about something. On the other hand, an incantation is a positive belief in something.

Putting in your cent percent focus, emotions and power to ingrain a thought in your subconscious have to work. Example – “I am going to execute this presentation with full confidence.” Say it out until it is ingrained in your head. Say your incantations every day, and if you want to say it out loud, scream with all the focus and force. Say it more than once or twice and be specific with what you really want.

Remember, your incantations will work only when you believe in its power. If you say one thing and believe another, it is not going to be of any help.

Use Your Body Language

use body language to boost confidence

Here is the most important and easiest way to gain confidence. This is even easier than taking a ‘Confidence Pill.’ Just make some changes in your body language and viola! You can actually feel confident just by such minor changes in your posture.

Stand tall, chest out (not evidently!) and hands either folded or on your hips. This is just one of the power pose that can instantly make you feel in charge of something, and well, confident. According to a study by Columbia University and Harvard University, body posture really does affect the chemical balance in the body. This study shows that high power poses increase the testosterone levels in the body by 20 percent, boosting confidence. Moreover, power poses also decrease the cortisol levels in the body by 25 percent, reducing anxiety.

Fake it Till You Make it

No one around you knows that you lack confidence unless you show it yourself. So better, why not show the opposite to people? You know you have a problem with confidence, people don’t.

Show that you feel confident in the presence of people, and trust us you will actually feel confident. Just adopt a high-power pose and believe that you are a confident person. After which, a time will come when you yourself won’t know that you are actually exuding confidence.

When you wear your outfit, accessorize it with confidence.

easy ways to boost confidence

Don’t let your inner fears overcome you. Do not even sit and wait for confidence to come walking to you. Take the reigns in your hands and try these simple and easy ways to immediately boost confidence to see the wonder happen. 

Anna Verasai
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