What are some good evening job options?

Evening jobs are a good option for people looking for extra income or those who are studying or busy in some other activity in the mornings and can work only in the latter half of the day.

An advantage of a night shift is that it pays better than a similar day job. Most night jobs come with fewer interactions and disturbances and if you like to work in an environment with fewer distractions, a night job might be perfect for you.

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Here are a few suggestions if you are looking for an evening/night job

Customer Service Jobs

Many companies need people to attend calls beyond regular office hours. Also call center jobs are 24/7 and you can choose the night shift if it suits you. It requires you to be pleasant and answer queries. There are some call centers that require you to attend a certain number of calls and monitor you minutely, but generally, it is an easy-to-handle job.

Retail Associate

There are many outlets that require night-time shop assistants to monitor the aisles and shelves.


At toll booths, supermarkets, hospitality outlets and more, cashiers are much in demand to do the nighttime shift.

Driving Jobs

If you enjoy driving in the evenings or at night, you might consider a job as a driver. You can act as a chauffeur for high-end car rental services or run a taxi or Uber in the nighttime.
You can work as a delivery driver, limousine driver, or a truck driver too.

Healthcare Jobs

Hospitals always need people who are willing to work evening and night shifts. These are well-paying positions. You can work directly with the patients or handle the administrative end of it, but night shift workers here are always in demand.

Clinical Lab technicians, home health aide, nurses, medical assistants, care home helpers, there are many options for people with some skills in this sector.


The hospitality industry includes jobs in hotels, restaurants, casinos and amusement parks. All these places are open in the evenings and require employees to cater to guests at all hours of the night.

The kind of jobs on offer are bartender, chef, cook, DJ, hostess, housekeeping staff, flight attendants, receptionists etc.

Security Jobs

Most offices, college campuses, etc need night security guards. Also nightclubs and restaurants etc also need bouncers and security guards to take care of any untoward incident or unruly guests. If you are fit and agile, then this job might be a good fit.

Teaching Jobs

There are night schools and colleges that run evening classes and need teachers. One can even tutor students in the evenings or take classes for an afterschool program. Another option is music and dance classes. Martial arts or sports training are some other open options.

Online teachers are in great demand to teach English or tutor in other subjects.


Babysitters are always in demand. If you like kids and are responsible, then it is a lucrative deal.

There are some other online jobs that can be done in the evenings such as testing apps and websites. There are special platforms that allow you to login in the evenings and test out the various websites and applications before they are made public for the users.

While searching for an evening job make sure it has a good income potential, is sustainable, is location friendly, and is not too taxing.

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