What Are Some of The Most Common Job Quitting Myths?

When you plan to or when you actually quit your current job, you might feel low for a while thinking that things will never be the same again. The behavior is credited to the job quitting myths prevailing in our society. Quitting your current job is as normal as taking up a new one. So, why are job quitting myths still prevailing in the millennial generation is a question that needs to be asked.

Job Quitting Myths You Should Totally Ignore

job quitting myths

Career Will Not Progress if You Quit – Myth

Why? Was that the last available job on this planet? Is it applaud-worthy to stay in a job for years that you don’t like? Will this upgrade your career or degrade it? Staying at a place you don’t like will drain your creativity. To progress in life and not just career, you need to move ahead. Quitting a job to promote your career one step higher will not stop your life’s progress.

Easiest Way is to Quit – Myth

job quitting myths

This is one of the ugliest job quitting myths targeting a person’s loyalty and courage. You quit your job means you did not have the courage to stay at one place and show your loyalty. Utter crap! It is really high time people move forward from this mentality that being loyal towards your career does not mean spending N number of years at a single place. Even if it serves back nothing.

Moreover, why is quitting called an easy way out? No, it is the toughest decision one ever makes! Everyone has someone dependent on them – a family, a loved one, or even themselves. Quitting a job does not give surety of what the future holds for a person. Breaking yourself away from a place that no longer motivates you or from a toxic work culture takes a great amount of courage. So much courage that the person may dwell in self-guilt for a long time after the act of quitting. Quitting your job is not the easy way out. It is one of the toughest and biggest life-changing decisions one can ever take.

Quit Your Job and You are a Failure- Myth

Have you heard the traditional saying- ‘No one likes a Quitter’? Again crap! Quitting does not always mean you are giving up. Sometimes quitting your job means you are moving towards something new, something better or even transforming your life. At times, it is exactly the right step to take to get closer to your dreams. In fact, quitting your job can pave a pathway for you to unleash your untapped potentials.

Remember, do not fall in the manhole of these job quitting myths and drown yourself in self-guilt. Do what is correct for you and not what is correct according to the society.

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