What can you do to get recognized at work?

You would be surprised to learn that being talented, educated and a perfect match for your job position are not the key values to get recognized at work. While these attributes and high performance are imperative for securing a long-lasting advancement in your career, getting noticed in your work is about mastering the elusive variables. You have to flaunt certain characters that measure leadership growth, career advancement and attract attention before you can access the attributes on how to get noticed at work in a positive way. So what are the ways to get recognized in your career?

The following six qualities will be invaluable in any campaign to get recognized at work now.


discover the elusive work attributes to get recognized at work… your voice, attitude to culture… are all necessary for getting noticed in your work.

Maintain a positive attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude at all times will draw people naturally towards and represents an easy approach on how to get noticed at work in a positive way. Everyone wants to associate with some positive aura and you must be recognized at work if you gain massive attention. Also, your positive dressing will make colleagues and clients alike to gravitate towards you and on the management's radar.

Always promote the corporate culture and values

At every point in the course of discharging your duties, you must protect the corporate culture, values of your job and encourage others to follow suit. This attitude unconsciously places you as a mouthpiece for the organization and opens you up to greater circles in your career.

Make your voice influential

In every speech you would have to make at work, be firm and in control; choosing your words carefully. You must speak up always and speak within the confines of the dialogue, in a manner that will gain attention at all times. Say more while speaking fewer words and avoid digressing from the subject matter being discussed. Also, you must learn to pay more close attention before responding to issues. When more people get to seek and listen to your opinion at all times, you will get recognized easily.

Don’t limit your services to the assigned roles & responsibilities

Every employer will naturally notice that employee who is willing to go beyond his or her original job description or traditional role. Utilize the opportunities created by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Employee Resource Group (ERG) initiatives to promote your quality. This will make your presence felt everywhere and you are more likely to be discovered than colleagues who don't command strong work influence

Exhibit courage at all times

You must have the act of bravery and show courage at all times. Do not ever sway from your correct opinions even when you feel intimidated. In honesty, tenaciously stick to your guns when it has to do with job ethics and corporate culture. You will only be a villain to the corrupt class but a hero to upright colleagues who will root for you at all times while building your fan base, chances of getting noticed at work and possible chances of recommendations from colleagues.

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