What Happens When A Leader Is Transparent? Transparent Leadership

Leadership transparency has become a high call in every workplace as recent employees prefer a clear picture of where they are investing their efforts. But this demand is yet to change every office yet. Employers in some companies are not open and concerned about their employees without knowing it’s a move to suffocate talent retention and development as their employees will often seek for better treatments elsewhere, including the best hands.

One trait every serious employer should never lack is transparency. Transparent leadership breeds mutual trust between employers and the employees; bringing about confidence and security among teams that bring success at the office. As an employer, you should be deeply trusted by your employees regardless of your leadership style. A trusted employer is who employees would readily look up to for directions; that’s why transparency is important in leadership.

Transparent Leadership

The beginning of core transparency in leadership is actually when the employer begins to reach out personally to his or her employees. And that has lots of benefits. Here are the things to expect from leadership transparency.

Problems are solved faster

Because the employees are fully aware of the situation of things in the company, developing solutions becomes easier and faster. The synergy between employer and employees to tackle a problem is formed faster and troubleshooting gets underway faster and becomes easier.

It becomes easier to build teams

Transparency in leadership breeds trust, making it is a strong unifying force. Cohesion between teams is strengthened with the employer’s transparency in open discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of the team.  Opinions will be aired freely amongst the team and the employer can synergize with employees to deploy them in strategic areas they are able to function well.

Genuine development of the corporate relationship

When the workforce is unified due to leadership transparency, the corporate relationship among every member becomes easier to build and to maintain. People will easily discover good persona amongst each other that they so desire. Tension among team members is reduced and tolerance will become feasible.

Leadership trust and respect

Employees will trust a transparent employer and developed high respect and admiration, more than they would for a nontransparent and despotic leader. When you’re transparent to your employees, you don’t hide the truth from them and this makes them, in turn, to trust you and believe whatever you say without probing to seek verification because they respect you enough based on proven record. They easily believe you are not misleading them on the actual situation on the ground.

Increased performance

In any workplace that solves challenges real fast, where team building is easy with people bonding authentically and relationships continuously grow, there must be an increased performance. Transparent leadership ultimately validates the point that every employer who needs excellence and good performance should lay the foundation by being transparent with his or her employees.

Priyansha Mistry
Currently editor at The HR Digest Magazine. She helps HR professionals identify issues with their talent management and employment law. | Priyansha tweets at @PriyanshaMistry

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