What Is Polyworking? Is It a Fad or New Standard?

The concept of polyworking has gained popularity since the Covid-19 pandemic — what is polyworking, and how common is it or will it become as prevalent as hybrid working? Here we look at the concept of polyworking, millennials and Gen Zers having multiple careers, and how polywork will impact your organization in the long run.

We were confined to our homes and worked from our home offices during the Covid-19 pandemic. The lack of work-life balance made many of us switch careers for better money and fulfillment. We recognized that polyworking was a means of earning money that provided us with a lot of comfort and fulfillment. But, exactly, what is polyworking? The HR Digest goes into detail about this phenomenon that is changing the terms of work-life balance across the globe. 

What is polywork?

Polywork is defined as the practice of having multiple jobs instead of focusing on just one source of income. This kind of work became very popular during the pandemic, and it remains to be popular now when we are no longer forced to stay at home. Many workers struggled to find an ideal source of income, and that led to the creation of multiple sources of income. 

polywork careers

Gone are the times when workers joined a company and stayed there until retirement.

If you are passionate about multiple things, you can do many jobs and create different sources of income. You may be a writer who likes the design. In this case, you can write to the companies and apply the design solutions to additional companies. If you are a software engineer and a fan of photography, you can combine these two passions and work for multiple companies. 

Workers who do more than one job are called polyworkers. These workers are more relaxed when it comes to paydays because they can rely on more than one paycheck. This gives them freedom and more energy to focus on their work. 

Gone are the times when people joined a company and stay there until retirement. Polyworking is becoming increasingly popular, and we can see that more and more workers are deciding to be polyworkers. 

Burnout is present today in many situations. Employees have many obligations and they tend to burn out in their workplaces. Many work assignments and huge responsibilities made the workers think about better solutions. It is popular nowadays to have a good work-life balance, but this is not always possible. 

To avoid burnout, the workers seek better opportunities. Many workers want to leave their workplaces just to find a better career and better working conditions. They apply for polywork jobs that can provide them with freedom and a more relaxed way of making money. They are no longer tied to one company, and there is no longer a fear of losing one job. Even when they lose a job, they can turn to another and focus on a different career. 

What are polywork careers?

Polywork careers are becoming very popular, and many people can pursue their real passions. The work-life balance becomes better when you are not dependent on only one source of income, and that is why workers enjoy a variety of careers. 

Polyworking is all about being your own boss and serving multiple companies. This gives you the freedom to organize your time according to your preferences. When you organize in a good manner, you can have more time for your family and friends. This leads to satisfaction when it comes to work and personal life. 

In the future, we will see companies that offer various tasks to their employees. In this manner, the need for polyworking can be satisfied. Workers want to have diversity, and they enjoy doing different things in their workplaces. This will create a more relaxed workplace where workers can explore and use their talents. 

Polywork jobs are the new jobs that connect workers and employers in the best manner. The flexibility of these jobs gives the workers a chance to organize their time better and have a more relaxed working atmosphere. In polyworking, it is all about flexibility, and this concept will remain one of the most popular buzzwords today. 

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