What Makes Johnson & Johnson A Great Place To Work

Several multinational companies around the world make sincere efforts towards making their business an attractive place to appeal the best talent from the industry. Among them, Johnson and Johnson is one company that has been regarded as a great place to work. This tag of being the best employer has been retained by the company from the last many decades.

Reasons that make Johnson and Johnson a great place to work.


Johnson & Johnson great place to work

great place to work


The current employees of Johnson and Johnson have nothing but appreciation for the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Alex Gorsky. He is considered a well-organized, highly efficient and effective leader who has been leading company for years. Under his leadership, the company has gained new heights and secured the highest level of employee satisfaction. He is well-known for understanding the requirements of the business and thereby issues such guidelines and directives that help the employees in easy accomplishment of target goals and outcomes. His motivation and reward techniques have helped in bringing out the best from the employees.


Johnson and Johnson are among the few companies in the world that not only offers its employees with maternal leaves but also paternal leaves. This means that the would-be “Dad’s” are allowed to take care of their wife during the last days of pregnancy and assist them after delivery. This way both male and female employees are allowed to spend time with their personal life without caring for the income as they get paid leaves.


Johnson and Johnson have taken a step ahead in extending its assistance to the employees in adoption and even surrogacy. This way the company helps its employees in adopting a child for them so that they could live a better life and find a motive to live. On the other hand, employees with personal problems and physical issues are offered with surrogacy assistance so that their life can be brought back into the track.


Johnson and Johnson are well-known for developing training, education and development programs. These programs help the current employees including experienced and new entrants to gain new skills and abilities so that they can perform better and accomplish long term organization goals and objectives for the organization.


Johnson and Johnson offer career development opportunities to its employees. All the employees are given a fair chance to showcase their abilities and skills to accomplish different organizational goals and retain higher positions within the organization. This way a career development plan helps the high performing employee to easily step ahead and secure a higher job position and better remuneration within the organization.


Johnson and Johnson offer the best working environment for their employees. The work area is spacious, well air-conditioned, fully lighted and carries all other features that support a healthy and safe working environment. In addition to that healthy food, water and drinks are made available in the cafeteria. Restroom facilities, crèches, and other associated facilities are provided to the employees so that they can sit back, relax and concentrate on their work.


Johnson and Johnson offer the best pay and benefits in the industry. The company offers the highest level of pay along with the best benefits that an employee could ask for. This way the commitment of the employee is targeted and efforts are made to retain the best talent from the industry.

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