What Makes Tesla A Great Place to Work?

Though Tesla is a challenging and demanding place of work, many advantages come with the fast pace of work and the long hours. Tesla, like many other leading companies, is build up in a complex organization, and the experiences among the employees can vary depending on their work and role. There are many employees of Tesla who have given their feedback on the working mechanism and what made Tesla their favorite place of work.

A former salesperson in Tesla said that the best part of the entire experience in Tesla is working with a fantastic team of inspired people from different cultures who work together to make the world a better place and deliver their best of services and Tesla experience to the customers. The team works to get the customers to their dream cars and feel extremely happy when they see the happiness on the face of the customers when they either use the Autopilot or slam on the accelerator of their dream vehicle.

Tesla Great Place to WorkTesla has a cool factor, a former salesperson stated, adding that the reputation of working in Tesla is something unexplainable. There is a different satisfaction and happiness when one feels telling others that they work in the prestigious Tesla organization. The company also has a collaborative culture. The environment at Tesla is impressive, according to a former employee. The concerted environment in Tesla makes every employee come to the office daily, and there is a real family-shop kind. If any employee feels stressed with the workload, colleagues gather up to divvy out the workload and would help them out.

Tesla A Great Place To Work

Tesla gives a lot of employee discounts. The employees get discounts everywhere, be it in movie theatres or Disneyland, a former production employee stated.  In Tesla, any employee can watch the engineers work on creating and developing a vehicle. According to a previous production employee, the favourite part of working in Tesla is to sit around the engineers and professionals who designed vehicles. The employees recalled watching a Tesla engineer drive and tested a Roadster from the passenger's seat after plugging the computer into the car. The company also has high work standards, and they recruit the best of the best employee to work in their organization. This is what makes the employees motivated and driven at work; they believe in what they are contributing to the organization. The employees also share a great bonding and camaraderie at the workplace.  The best thing about Tesla is that the organization has the ability and willingness to change and adapt in an instant. As stated by a former professional of customer-service initiatives Tesla, during the organization's delivery operation during the third and fourth quarters of 2018, it set the record for the most vehicles that are released in a single quarter. This was a record that was broken again by Tesla in the same year.  Tesla moved faster in the market and terms of production.

Tesla can build things, vehicles and stuff. Employees love creating machines for people. The employees are committed to working, driven to the mission and vision of the company and deliver their best to uphold it. The organization gives autonomy to its employees. The people who work there can control their destiny. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, provides all the resources and freedom to the employees to excel in their respective fields.

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