NOT TO DO GUIDE: Things Not To Do At Office

things not to do at office

Even when you have a cool workplace and a friendly boss, there are certain things not to do at work as a part of your corporate etiquettes.

Below is a list of things not to do at office no matter what:

  1. Don’t be late on a regular basis; it will only display your lack of dedication towards your work.
  2. Do not peep in someone else’s desktop or laptop. What they do in their computer is none of your business. Even if it is, don’t do it.
  3. Even if you are still new at the job, don’t browse through other jobs at the workplace. This will only tell that you are not happy with your current job.
  4. Stay away from social networking sites until it’s work related.
  6. Don’t gossip or discuss anything negatively about the workplace culture or your boss or colleagues. It will portray you as someone who is very negative and unprofessional.
  7. If you are new to the company, don’t compare this job with your older job. Even if you are old, don’t do it, not at least in front of your boss or colleagues.
  8. Do not be loud: Don’t talk too loud, don’t walk too loud, don’t laugh too loud or don’t think out loud. In short, don’t do anything loud.
  9. Don’t use reply all button for responding to emails, it will be a disaster, read all the emails carefully before replying.
  10. Don’t walk around the place like it’s your own. Wandering everywhere in the office premises and talking to everyone you meet will only annoy everyone.
  11. Do not steal anything from your office. It is okay if you accidently took a pen or something, but make sure that you leave all the office belongings at the office.
  12. Don’t litter your surroundings and work desk, keep it tidy and well-organized.
  13. Microwaving or eating smelly food. It might taste really good, but everyone else is frowning due to that smell.
  14. Humming or singing your favorite song. Or even worse, whistling as if no one is hearing you.
  15. Bad bathroom habits. Seriously!
  16. Belittling your colleagues in front of superiors. This will not only make you look immature, it will also dimish the respect that you have earned till date.
  17. Greeting everyone as if they are your friends. No doubt, you would make friends at work, but you cannot be friends with everyone. So greeting them all the time and smiling 5 times a day will only irritate everyone you meet.
  18. Doing any of the personal tasks in the office including flossing, clipping nails or picking.
  19. Being the office Casanova. Don’t be a womanizer, office is not the place to do that. Spare it for the bar.
  20. Don’t blame others for your mistake. Playing the blame game won’t be good for anyone.

While these are the general things not to do at office, it may vary according to your office environment. So, applying some logic and common sense is more desirable as a part of your corporate etiquettes.

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