What Should Be Included In An Employee Job Offer Letter?

Every new hire is expected to receive series of information from the recruiting company to help the employee kick off smoothly and to blend with the corporate policies. A formal letter of employment does that perfectly. Regardless of the company’s size or industry type, the employee job offer letter outlines some critical employment terms and relationship that will establish the initial expectations, introduce the company’s culture while also minimizing future risk of legal claims. Human resource managers are always encouraged not to sound “too legal” by including some of the employee programs and employment philosophies beneficial to the new hire. However, there are things very crucial in every employee job offer letter.

The things that should be included are job title & description, compensations & benefits, company policies, employment terms and offer duration. Additional information may also include at-will employment statement, confidentiality agreement and employment contingencies.

Job title & description

After welcoming the employee into the company, the job title and description are expected to be clearly stated in the employee job offer letter. Is the offer full- or part-time? When is the employee expected to start? Also, refer if there’s an existing supervisor the employee should be reporting to. Is the position offered exempt or nonexempt? If yes state the pay policy for overtime.

In addition, state that the employment letter does not comprise the entire job description and make it clear that the employee’s duties are not final.

Compensation & benefits

What is the employee’s remuneration annually? You should also state clearly how the payments are made. Is it weekly or hourly? If there is health or dental insurance, state when the employee would be eligible for them. State if your company has paid time off such as vacation or sick leave.

Company policies

Here, you will refer to the employee’s handbook and seek for their signature in agreement to the offer.

Offer expiration date

It’s advisable to always include a duration at which the job offer remains open so that your office won’t have to wait indefinitely for the employee’s response.

Job offer letter sample template

Employee’s name Address City, State, Zip

Dear Mr John Doe,

ABC Company is excited to offer you the position of a Senior Software Engineer.

Please kindly review our formal offer. You will find details of your anticipated employment with ABC Company, benefits and compensation.

We are offering you a full-time position as a Senior Software Engineer. You will be reporting to Engineer Neil Andre starting on May 1 at ABC technical department. Expected hours of work are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (Mondays to Fridays) and 10:00 am to 2:00 pm (Saturdays).

ABC Company is offering $100,500 annual payment as the starting salary for your position, paid on weekly basis, with direct deposit available. And your payment is starting on May 28. Overtime pay will be made available based on the compensation policy plan.

Through our employee’s benefit plan, full medical coverage will be available to you as an employee of ABC Company starting from June 1, with insurance for dental and optical health also available.

Please sign, date and return the second copy of this letter on or before April 15, if you choose to accept this offer.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question.


Susan Grant Director, Human Resources ABC Company

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