‘What is in it for me at work?’: Millennials’ Expectations

In order to attain successful functioning of the company, it is important for the employees to be aware of the workforce’s expectations. Every employee has certain expectations from a company. This is especially true in the case of millennials. They always wonder about what is there in the company for their personal benefit. Now that the millennials are ascending into the 21st-century workforce on a quantitative basis, it is necessary to pay heed to the millennials’ expectations.

It is a generalization among the corporate world that because of the millennial workforce’s laziness, they are not efficient enough. Well, it will be wrong to judge the efficiency of an employee on the basis of any factor except his work quality. Just because a certain employee belongs to a different generation that does not mean he is not qualified enough for the job. If he has the ability to attain a respectable job, then he is also capable of carrying out that job. It is more challenging for the millennials to prove their worth in the professional world.  This is as they have a higher number of competitors.

A plus point of such young employees is that as they are filled with innovative ideas, the expectations they keep from the company are also varied. These expectations are not always in terms of their personal or monetary benefits. The expectations are based on what a millennial expects from his workplace in terms of job profile, co-operation, and acknowledgement of opinions. Therefore, the employer must pay attention to this as he can keep his employees happy with a better understanding of the workforce. He may not need to provide perks or financial assets.


It is important to give significance to the millennials’ expectations for better productivity.

Millennials’ expectations consist of attaining responsibility

A majority of the millennials have grown up among people who encourage individual development and self-sufficiency. Seeing this, they consider themselves eligible enough to take up any responsibility and fulfil it appropriately. But a number of companies consider the millennial workforce not efficient enough to cater to the professional responsibilities. They believe that as they are young, they can’t indulge in the process of decision-making.

In accordance to this, the company should hand over certain responsibilities according to their professional capability. Simply giving tasks to the young workforce is not enough, giving them important work is also important. This will make them feel more productive and increase their involvement in the company.

A number of young employees prefer getting feedback on regular intervals. This gives them a chance to improve their work quality. Also, as such employees are not as experienced as the rest; the company does not value their opinions. With this in mind, the millennials want their voices to be heard as they have a unique approach. To keep their employees satisfied professionally, the company must strive to cater to the millennials’ expectations. This enables a healthier work environment and respectful work relations.

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