When Complaining At Workplace Goes Out of Hand

Have you ever felt like leaving your workplace due to a chronic atmosphere of people complaining around you? If you have so, you are not the only one and we totally understand your problem. Disappointments are a part and parcel of work. It is not possible to keep each and every person happy during the whole 9-5 gig. Sometimes, people are upset due to their personal reasons also. Personal problems, though, are not valid reasons to moan in office. Well, we are not saying that as a leader or an employer you should not entertain any complains. But you should do it only when the complaint is a sensible one. When a culture of complaining at workplace becomes toxic then you should start taking appropriate steps to stop it. Because let’s accept one thing. No one likesa workplace culture where people are whining all the time.

When Complaining at Workplace Takes a Toll on the Culture

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The basic necessity to allow complaints from employees is to know the in and out of your office, the requirements and ideas from your workforce. But when complaining becomes a regular form of gossip, when it becomes a chronic habit, it takes a toxic turn.

At such times, the complaining will do no good, only bad for your office or your department. The main reason it is not good is because when you complain you focus on the bad, and not the good. As long as the bad needs to be changed, it is okay. But when you someone starts finding faults in the good also,that is when it becomes a toxic thing.

When Complaining Portrays a Wrong Culture

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There is nothing like a cent percent perfect company. Obviously there are times and places where you can find faults. What we should be seeing at is the good side of the workplace without ignoring the bad points.

But what when employees’ constant bickering and complaining at workplace subsides the good side of the culture? It makes the company look bad on the whole even if that is not the case. Also, when you focus on the negative aspects more, it becomes harder to go back focusing on the positive aspects.

When it Promotes Negativity

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A culture of constant complaining results into many worse scenarios. This includes people trying to come up with their worst stories, a debate in whose complaints are more grave, destroying the hopes of a good company culture, etc.

When such people come together, a bond based on negativity gets created between them. And this, dear employer, is the worst thing that can ever happen.

Such people cannot see each other progressing, nor do they let anyone else progress. It inhibits the development and progress of the company, and also innovations. When people are too busy searching for loopholes, how will they create new bridges towards progress?

So whenever you see the positive culture taking a U-turn for the worse, wake up, get up, and show a white flag to your employees. Show them that you will, as a responsible leader hear their complaints. But you won’t entertain the baseless ones; neither will you allow it to become a daily culture at your workplace.

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