Knowing When To Outsource Your Most Hated Tasks

Today, you can pass on any task that you don’t want to do by paying a price. There are apps that can do anything on your behalf, all you need to do is just click. But don’t you think it’s better to do it yourself for free than to get it done and pay for it? But you’re too lazy, aren’t you? So, here we are to guide you when to outsource your most hated tasks and when to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.

Here are some deciding factors on when to outsource a specific task, may it be some daily errand or something really professional:

Decide Outsource Your Hated Tasks

Calculate if you can afford it

It may seem really obvious, but it’s too tempting to outsource all your tasks and get it done really easily. But, then you realize you are out of the budget and end up doing everything by yourself. You can categorize your tasks into most hated, don’t mind doing, and love doing – then instead of outsourcing “don’t mind doing” ones, pass on most hated ones; you will be glad you did that.


Knowing When To Outsource Your Tasks

Cost should be lesser than what you can earn in the meantime

If you are an HR professional, you might be calculating the cost of recruitment outsourcing. You would opt for recruitment outsourcing only if you can devote that time to something else that is more valuable.

Let’s take a simpler example: If you hate cleaning your house and decide to pay a maid who gets it done for $16 per hour while you earn $50 an hour doing your side gig, that’s a clear win. You would prefer doing your gig than doing the laundry or making the bed, won’t you?

You are inexperienced to do it yourself and need a professional

This might be the most important reason to decide when to outsource your tasks. In some cases, you are not experienced enough to do the task by yourself and need an expert to get it done. Suppose you have been trying to figure out how to fix your computer, you go through a lot of videos and tutorials, but end up making it worse. Then you hire a professional to fix it, which will not only be more expensive but will also waste a lot of your time since your realization came so late. It is better to hire a professional right away to save time and money, rather than trying to fix things yourself. 

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