When You Have To Say No To Your Boss

Most employees are very accommodating with various requests from their bosses. They do not just go beyond their task borders to ensure efficiency but interfere with family functions to be available when needed. However, there is when to say no to your boss, especially if your boss is a bully. Yes, confronting your boss is not anything easy to even imagine, but to make your work experience less miserable, your courage here is very crucial. Research shows that saying no to a boss may help employees that are bullied to feel less victimized and less vulnerable to psychological distress.

Before saying no to your boss, it’s important that the issue is with taking a stand. You don’t confront your boss about issues you need to observe while others are those you should never accept. How much you need your job has nothing to do with where you should draw the line. Below is a list of three scenarios when you should say no to your boss.

When to say no to your boss: when he is harassing or abusing you

Regardless of how much you need your job, do not allow anyone to victimize or abuse your physical or mental well-being. It is not worth it in any measure. Never accept sexual harassment or workplace bullying, the consequences can even impact your family. If standing up to the abuse or harassment is not enough, report to your supervisor or file a complaint with the department of labor through an attorney.

When he wants you to bully others

Some bad corporate cultures encourage employees to step on others for promotion. Employers here are very comfortable with name-calling and accusing fingers to ensure that someone takes the blame and must go down in every mishap. This gives employees the impression that their success depends on their ability to identify a scapegoat and their willingness to stab others. The pressure could pile on you to participate or be the next victim of workplace bullying.

Traditionally, such toxic workplace may likely have one or two persons that ate always ripping the brunt of everyone’s mistake. They are rubbed from corporate rights such as after work activities, respects and are used for office jokes. You should not only refuse to participate in this act but respectfully stand up for those being abused. While it may not be easy for you to eradicate bullying from your office, you can make it very uncomfortable for those participating and influence others to take your stand in saying no to your boss.

When your boss asks you to do something unethical or break the law

Employees are asked to do unethical things or something against the law every day across the country. These may include over-billing a client, ignoring safety measures, illegally firing someone, etc. You’ll find yourself in a lose-lose situation when your employer asks you to do something illegal – all paths will become uneasy to take. While saying no to your could get you fired, breaking the law could put others at risk and possibly land you in jail. Not only will bring the law damage your reputation, it makes finding future employment a lot more difficult. Obeying your boss is important but being an adult, you should know when to say no to your boss.

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