‘Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now’: How To Answer This Tricky Question?

You are in a job interview, and the HR and the panelists ask about your experiences and qualifications. Suddenly the tricky question comes, ‘Where do you see yourself five years from now?’. What do you answer? Of all the questions that the HR asks, this question is asked to test the candidate’s commitment to the job role.

Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now

where do you see yourself in five years

Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now

How to answer this? Never struggle with an answer. Express freely and open up your thoughts confidently. Frame a suitable answer and express it to HR. Take cues from the following few answers you can give when HR asks this question.

Possible Answer #1

“I’m very excited about this job opening. In the next five years, I would like to be recognized as an expert in this sector. The job opportunity will open up new avenues of learning and experiences in your organization. As I already have years of work experience, I am excited to take up this new role and its responsibilities for the next few years. I also can lead projects, and I am sure your organization will offer me the chance to become one of the forerunners. In the past, I have worked with great managers who have developed and nurtured me to be a good manager myself. Five years ago, I wanted to be where I am today. So five years from now on, I would like to set realistic goals for myself and also for the organization.’

Possible Answer #2

“In my earlier internship years, it was quite difficult for me to predict or say what was coming. I had simple goals in mind that I aimed to achieve. In the forthcoming five years, I want to test myself and bring out the best in me. I have targets that would get the best of my abilities in my workspace. I tried to play it safe in my initial internship years and worked easy, which most people do. In the five years ahead, I want to take up responsibilities that need better decisiveness. I am sure the years ahead will be prosperous for the organization and me.”

Possible Answer #3

“I am confident that the coming five years would be productive and prosperous for me. Working in a positive and esteemed organization will have a positive work environment that can be highly rewarding. I picture myself growing to a position that I want to be in and working to be in. I feel the values of this organization will be good and can be advantageous to my career ahead. I want to take up newer responsibilities and see myself utilizing my knowledge to the best of my abilities. The five years would be a superb guide for me. The years would take me to a target where I will be able to cherish the achievements.”

Possible Answer #4

“Judging by my earlier assumptions, I have seldom achieved what I always wanted to, maybe because of the unclear goals I had. And I have always set smaller targets, which have brought me to where I am today. With the same habit of setting smaller goals, I also want to add some bigger and significant targets. I want to work with your organization and give my best to the tasks I am assigned to. During these years, I want to perform my best and what is expected of me by the organization. I would also consider myself responsible and believe in leading the team to better the organization’s outcomes. I hope my decisions would be highly rewarding in the end.”

The question “Where do you see yourself five years from now?” is predictive and specific in an interview.  This question is the interviewer’s way of examining the candidate’s career goals and personal targets. If the candidate can show the HR and the organization how they see themselves five years from now efficiently, the job is sure theirs!

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