Which GOT Character Defines Your Personality?

We are just a few days away from knowing who will sit on the iron throne. With it we’ll bid farewell to our favorite GOT characters. Until of course, we are blessed a GOT prequel or GOT sequel.

Game of thrones has been a lot more than just a fantasy show. It made us wonder, made us laugh, made us gasp when our favorite GOT characters were brutally killed en masse, and it definitely left us wanting for more.

We have seen the characters grow and perish, we have laughed with them, laughed at them and now as the final season draws to a close, we have also been disappointed in them (at least some of them).

Have you pictured yourself in a famous GOT scene and wondered what you would have done? Have you found yourself resonating with Arya played by Maisie Williams so much that you felt it was a metaphor of your life?

Well, GOT is fantasy and a far-fetched one, but call it good screenplay or the genius of R.R Martin, the show still shows the GOT popular characters in situations not very alien to us common beings.

Without gnawing on any more emotions, let’s jump into finding which GOT character you are with this GOT personality quiz.

Which GOT character are you?

which GOT character are you?

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