Who Is To Be Blamed For Triggering Stress Factors At Work?

No human on this planet is immune to stress, no matter what they say. As we’re talking about the stress factors at work, let’s just say there is no working individual devoid of these. Impossible timelines, dreadful workplace environments, annoying employees, and arrogant bosses are a few major causes of stress in the workplace.

Well, these are the stress factors according to the age-old stereotypes. It’s very important to realize that your boss, colleagues, timelines, etc., are not the only culprits. There’s much more to it, which you aren’t even aware of.

I’m not saying that the points I’ve mentioned above aren’t the stress triggers anymore. Sure, they are. But you need to understand that YOU are the major culprit. I’m sure you might find it harder to believe, but it’s YOU who is triggering the major stress factors for yourself.

You’re Responsible For Driving The Major Stress Factors At Work (Believe It or Not)

Stress Factors at Work

Confused? Allow me to help you out with it. I’ve made a list of several causes of stress at the workplace which unknowingly are driven by you. Take a look.

“I Think I’m Doing A Meaningless Task”

This type of thinking is one of the major stress triggering factors. No task assigned to you by your boss is worthless. Every task, no matter big or small, contributes to the greater goals of the company. Of course, you’re going to remain stressed if you’re breeding the idea of your work being useless. You should derive the pleasure and joy in every work you do. By all means, the less you enjoy your task, the more prone you are to extreme stress. Lack of motivation drives you out of steam. Start enjoying every bit of your work. Stop considering it as worthless. Even if you do consider it as one, always remember that your company pays you for it. Try to get the best results by staying positive. What you can do is, find out the beneficiaries. When you know that you’re helping others, you’ll find yourself motivated to do more.

“I Can Do So Many Things At The Same Time”

Stop multitasking for god’s sake. You are not a robot to take several commands at one. Your habit of multitasking is dragging you towards the path of stress. In other words, you might sound like a superhero if you multitask, but it’s damaging your productivity. You can seek better results when you do one work at one time. You end up feeling extra bitter, fatigued, and extremely dissatisfied with your work if you multitask. Sure, some individuals are born with the ability to multitask, but you may not be one of them. With attention to this point, one can experience joy if they choose to offer undivided attention to their task. Multitasking is one of the prominent causes of stress in the workplace.

“I Haven’t Taken A Single Break Today!”

Who asked you not to? Sure, you might be super motivated to wrap up the task before time, but your brain certainly needs a little rest. It’s true that brain never stops functioning. But this doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to go on consistent work mode. You can relax it a little by going on a break out of your cabin or listen to some good music. Along with your brain, your body needs a little break too. Constant working can make you prone to the sudden feeling of drowsiness, which again will push you in a panic mode. I’m sure you don’t wish to complete your report in a lethargic state. If you end up messing with your work due to drowsiness, your boss will be furious.

“I Don’t Remember The Last Time My Boss Appreciated Me”

You are pushing yourself into the so-called “Stress Comma” if you keep thinking about your failures at work. A constant reminder of past failures is one of the biggest stress factors at work. This way you lose motivation, creativity, and end up opening doors for stress to invade your happy space. If you continue doing this, you’re likely to start hating that job you love the most. Grow up! You’re not a child anymore. Your boss is not going to pat your back or give you five stars for your good work. In other words, stop depressing yourself just because you’re not receiving the attention you’re craving for. It’s highly ridiculous to even ask for such. Of course, bosses do appreciate good work, but you cannot expect it to happen every single time you do your work.

Try staying away from these triggers. Always stay motivated and think positive. To avoid ending up miserable and sick, concentrate on grass situated on the greener side. Your task should be to reduce workplace stress not increase it by offering unrealistic expectations to yourself.

Diana Coker
Diana Coker is a staff writer at The HR Digest, based in New York. She also reports for brands like Technowize. Diana covers HR news, corporate culture, employee benefits, compensation, and leadership. She loves writing HR success stories of individuals who inspire the world. She’s keen on political science and entertains her readers by covering usual workplace tactics.

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