Why Having a Business Card Offers More Power To You

Business cards are a minimal tool in the arsenal of a business professional or an entrepreneur these days. Moreover, who would like to carry a bunch of small 3.5 x 2 – inch paper slips when there are e-business cards available?, bump, and LinkedIn have almost crushed the system of having a business card. When you look at your Twitter or LinkedIn profile, you might think ‘Wow! This is awesome!” Also, it might arrive in your mind that why a business card is important when you have everything available online? Although this may be true, let’s not forget that business card matter even in the most advanced digital age. It is not dead yet, as it was predicted a few years back. A business card still has a profound effect on your career or business success. However, the impression they make depends on your design efforts, of course.

Here are a few reasons why business cards still matter.

Having a Business Card Can Make Your Day, Literally

Having a business card

Business Cards Reflect Your Brand

As they say, the first impression really counts. When you meet an individual that could possibly be a great connection or prospect, obviously you wish to create a brilliant first impression. Isn’t it? If that’s the case, business cards can do wonders. Those little papers slips project your personality. And more importantly, it’ll decide whether the receiver would find you interesting to work with or not.

Business Cards Work As A Call To Action

To put it differently, the receiver might like to contact you if he/she is interested in your work or you. Feeding your number in their phone or scrambling it in a scrawny piece of paper would look unprofessional. Instead, offering a business card will show a highly professional side of you. Packaging matters.

Business Cards Project Your Professionalism

Sure, professionals would simply connect on LinkedIn with you if they’re interested in you. But what would happen when you’re in a conference or a ball? Certainly, you do not wish them to start searching for you on the Internet. Do you? So, be prepared. Arm yourself with business card whenever you’re going out.

Business Cards Create Real Opportunities

Most of the senior level employees and older businessmen still prefer business cards. They may not remember every person they met, but your business card may prompt them to recall. It may take some time, but you can expect a call if they have shown interest in you. A business card will do its job of reminding them.

Business Cards Are Important In Networking Events

How embarrassing would it be if everyone arrives with a business card except you? It could definitely make you stand out for a totally wrong reason. Always remember, it doesn’t matter if we’re living in a digital age. Professionals are most likely to come back to you if they have your business card.

Business Card Are Direct Marketing Tool

Email marketing, identity verification, or search engine optimization is all good in this era. But let’s not forget that nothing sells a great deal in a similar way the business card swapping does.

So, the next time you’re out, don’t forget to carry your business cards. An excellent prospect may be waiting for you even in the grocery shop! Who knows?

Jay Raol

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