Why Your Office Party Ideas Are Missing The Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

Do you need fun office party ideas to turn your regular office gathering into a fun-filled team-building project? Well, the following office party themes will take you even beyond there. You will not only bring excitements but boost employee morale, unite your office subcultures and provide an opportunity for the employees to interact with the executives through these fun office party ideas.

It takes only a decision to throw the party and a little funding. Of course, most fun office party ideas require a few materials to hold, mostly an annual office party where gifts and certificates of recognition would be required.

Guess Who

What makes a great party is when everyone has something funny to talk about and this could be a perfect icebreaker. “Guess Who” is also a great way to open the conversation and to meet new people.

How to Play: Write down a list of popular names and put each on a post-it. The names could be celebrities, politicians, popular clients (depending on your office)… You need to be sure that the names are well-known in your office and then get the picture!

Stick a post-it on each of their backs as everyone gets into the party. For the evening, their personality becomes the popular character at their backs. Most importantly, make sure that none sees who they have!

Each person will be required to guess who they have at their backs as the party goes on. They have to figure out by the way others talk to them and what they say.

For instance: While talking to someone tapped Beyonce to their back, ask them how they are they would release an album for their twins and what it’s like to combine parenting and a music career.

Remember, no one should cheat by looking in the mirror.

Noah’s Ark

This is one of the fun office party ideas that must get everyone laughing. It will also allow the employees to meet new people playing the game.

How to play: You need to make two sets of animal cards. Pass the cards to all the participants and let them find who has the card matching with theirs without communicating in human language. There should be a referee verify the couples that have found each other and disqualify defaulters. The game continuous until everyone finds their office mate.

Two Truths and a Lie

This is one of the office party themes that take a while to get done and also reveal information about coworkers.

How to Play:  Here you need the participants to be in groups. Each person will provide facts about them; two of the facts would be true and one a lie. The opposing group will guess the lie, correct answer means a point!

For instance: (a) I grew up in London, (b) I’m left-handed, and (c) I can speak more than three different languages. Can you guess the lie? Please leave your answer in the comment box.

Scavenger Hunt

If you are looking for fun office party ideas that require more action, this is it! Employees that are good at detective work will enjoy this also.

How to Play: Hide some items (10 – 15) like office supplies, chocolate, toys… all over the office. Participants need to be in groups. Give each group a list of clues and allow them to find the items. The first group to bring back their listed items wins a prize!

Employee Awards

This is one of the annual office party themes you can use to say thank you. You need to create an award template and fill out each employee’s name with what they are winning for the year.

Ensure that every employee gets an award regardless of what it is. Your creativity should not be limited to popularly known awards. Silly ones such as “Life of the annual office Party” award would be ideal.

Conclusion :

These are all HR-approved fun office party ideas you can use boost your office culture with excitements. You have the choice to merge one or two of the fun office party ideas or incorporate them into your annual office party. The basic inspiration is to have fun and to promote productivity.

Anna Verasai
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