What Your Work Wardrobe Says About You?

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They say it takes only seven seconds to make an impression, and that stained collar won’t help. Clothes define what you are, even at work, so if your work wardrobe is not up to the mark, it’s high time.

Like it or not, our office clothes can make and break chances of our professional success. It’s often said that a person should dress for a job that he wants and not for the one he’s has. You can do anything if you dress for it!

People usually are super conscious about their interview attire, to make a great first impression. However, after they get hired and pass a month or two, the dressing up part diminishes gradually. Either they get back to their flip flops and baggy shirts, provided the workplace culture is casual. Or they stick to those monotonous black, grey, and blue if they require wearing business formals.

Here are some work wardrobe examples that speak volumes about the worker’s personality and how that can go wrong:

You’re stuck in the 80s

If you still wear those enormous spectacles, shoulder pads, scrunchies, high-waisted slacks and a matching blazer, you need a wardrobe makeover. A wearer of dated clothes is perceived as outdated and as someone who would resist any kind of change. If you cannot change your wardrobe, how will you cope up with all the changes that take place in the workplace?

Not your size

Are your office clothes either too tight or too loose? You have to find your perfect fit to save your image. I’m sorry to say that you can no longer wear that favorite shirt that you used to wear before losing 10 kg.

Ill fitting clothes can endanger your career by making you look unrealistic if you are wearing clothes that are smaller than your real size while you may be portrayed as someone who is not confident if you are wearing clothes that are too big for you.

Nothing displays confidence and authority as a well-fitted suit or blazer.

Stained Clothes

So do you need a fashion mogul to tell you that stained clothes have no place in your work wardrobe? Get rid of all those torn and stained clothes, which may be your favorite but are in no way acceptable at work.

You may the kind of person who believes that work performance is the only thing that counts at the workplace, but wearing dirty clothes will only display that you don’t care about anything you do including your work. Plus, your boss might see your stained shirt as a poor representation of their business.

Repeat mode

If you are wearing your grey suit because it’s Monday, it’s time to break the monotony. You can add some quirky accessory to otherwise boring dress to enhance your look.

Your employees or colleagues may wonder that if your wardrobe is stuck on replay, your thoughts and ethics may also be stuck in a rut. Dressing up boosts your confidence and prepares you to lead without hesitation. It can also show that you respect your work and think that your office environment and colleagues are worth dressing up for.

Priyansha Mistry
Currently editor at The HR Digest Magazine. She helps HR professionals identify issues with their talent management and employment law. | Priyansha tweets at @PriyanshaMistry

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