Evaluating the Bright and the Dark Sides of Working for a Friend

So, you’ve been searching for a job since long, and you finally got a job offer? Great. The company is really good to work for and the pay is also up to the mark? Awesome. You would be working for a friend if you accept that offer? It couldn’t get any better.

Working with friends is always a great way to kill stress at work and achieve a better work-life balance. But, does that change when you are working for a friend? It surely does. You cannot stay that friendly with your boss who also happens to be your friend.

If you are planning to work for or with your friends, here are some brighter and darker sides of working for/with them that may help you in reaching a decision:

Bright Sides:

  • If your friend is your boss, she will have a better idea about your strengths and the things you are good at. She would have a better idea about how she can utilize and brush up your skills than any other manager who doesn’t know you personally.
  • You can get to work with someone you like. It is found that working with friends can add a new dimension and meaning to your work. Not only will you enjoy your work more, you will also have an increased job satisfaction.
  • One word – Camaraderie.
  • You would have a mutual feeling of trust and respect, thus creating a positive work environment for both of you.
  • Being friends with your boss will allow you to have a better and more open communication about anything at work. Your boss/friend can tell you if your performance is not meeting expectations, without sounding bossy or offensive.
  • You can discuss anything and everything with your boss, maintaining transparency at the workplace.
  • You will get to spend a lot of time with your friend, thus improving your friendship.
  • Your work will always be appreciated. So you will never feel that your input is worthless.

Dark Sides:

  • You need to define a clear boundary that separates your professional and your personal life.
  • You cannot expect to be treated differently than your co-workers even when you are boss’ friend.
  • Discussing workplace issues or delivering bad news can be a lot harder when your boss is also your close friend.
  • Your boss will know a lot about your personal life. So, no more calling in sick when you’re not.
  • Your boss will always have the final say, no matter how great your inputs are. It might be difficult for you to take your friend as your boss.
  • It could be really difficult to keep your personal life away from work. Suppose your boss made a lot of changes to your report, so you don’t feel like going to dinner with her that night. This might happen a lot.
  • Your co-workers may think that your boss is favoring you because you are friends with him. This may make your colleagues resentful, poisoning the workplace.
  • If things don’t work out that well, chances are, you will lose a friend. The risk of ruining your friendship is always associated when you are working for a friend.

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