Let’s imagine a scenario. There are two individuals who are a part of the same department at work. They were hired together during an open interview and have parallel job roles. Not only this, their working hours are also identical. The only difference between the two is that one is paid 40 percent more than the other one. Now you must be wondering why this unjust practice? Let me spill out the details to you. The one earning more was a man and the other one was a woman. This is where the practice of gender pay gap can be recognized.

We often indulge in conversations about the importance of equality between men and women in terms of rights. But we fail to notice that there is an income disparity based on the genders as well. Rights are necessary but why should a woman be paid less even if she puts in the same or even more efforts than a man. This is a question which was raised by female ex-employees of a reputed tech giant. As soon as these employees became vocal about the disparity, the Google lawsuit was filed. This comes as a surprise as Google is known as one of the best workplaces in the world.

Gender pay gap

As soon as these employees became vocal about the disparity, the Google lawsuit was filed.

Gender pay gap resulted in the Google lawsuit

Three women who have worked for Google Inc. have claimed that they had a firsthand experience of a gender pay gap. They further stated that the tech giant was well aware of this unfair practice but didn’t act to rectify it. The Google lawsuit was filed in the San Francisco Superior Court on Thursday. This lawsuit not only concerns the three women but also represents thousands of employees of this tech giant who have been a victim of this malpractice. The lost wages will be recovered from the profits of the company.

These three women have confidently claimed that they received lower wages than their male counterparts. This means that the tech giant pays men with equal qualifications of that of women get paid more. Despite the suit, Google is openly denying the gender pay gap allegations. Gina Scigliano, the official spokesperson stated that appraisals and salary structures are decided after rigorous discussions. Hence she claims that there is no scope for income disparity. This lawsuit might adversely affect the company’s image due to its timing. This is because just last month Google fired a male employee who raised his voice against gender stereotypes at the workplace.


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