How To Write An Appraisal and Raise Request Email

An appraisal is a much-deserved raise of each employee. It is an annual hike in the pay of the employee depending on their work performance and goals achieved in a year. It is essential for every worker to seek the much-deserved appraisal through an official mail. Many people find it difficult to ask for a raise, the more difficulty lies in facing the employer to ask for it. As such, it is better to send a formal appraisal request mail to the employer.

How To Ask For A Raise Email

How To Ask For A Raise Email

Appraisal Request And Pay Raise Email

Raise Request Tips to Follow:

    • Always do the research before sending the appraisal request mail. Be aware of the HR pay policies when it comes to appraisal and then seek for it appropriately.
  • Wait for the right time to send the mail. If you recently receive a pay rise for achieving a goal or target, now may not be the right time to seek the appraisal. Even if you do seek the appraisal, give a good reason for it.
  • Look for meeting the boss when you send in the appraisal mail. Have a conversation when the boss has some time and talk with them about it.
  • Give proper claims, proof and reasons to make your boss believe that you are worth the appraisal. Give examples of how you went beyond the boundary to work hard and give your best in work. Numbers and statistics to stand your claim would be perfect.

Asking for a Pay Raise in an Email

An email is the best way to ask for an appraisal or a pay rise. Make sure you don’t start the mail with the numbers and statistics of your achievements. Give a formal talk and emphasize to highlight the achievements, improved capabilities, and your contribution in the success of the organization.  Check out the below appraisal request email which will be a useful guide to the email to your employer. Customize the letter in your own words to best reflect your position and change the email tone accordingly. 

Pay Raise Email Template – Appraisal Request

Subject Line: Mention the subject of the email as ‘Request for salary appraisal’. A good subject line works wonders and will grab the attention of the employer. 

Hi [employer’s name],

I greatly enjoyed and have had a wonderful experience working here in the past ___ years, and I have so far learnt a lot from my time within the department. I also feel that I have contributed a great deal to the success of the team as well as the company.

Over the past year alone, I have been assigned [mention about the achievements here], and also have additional responsibilities like [add these here, focusing on how the responsibilities have helped the business].

Given the added value and contribution I bring to the company, I no longer feel that the salary/ pay I am receiving reflect the contribution that I am making to the department. I believe my current remuneration package is way below what can generally be expected by someone in my position and considering my contributions, and would hereby request an increase of X% to bring my current salary at par with the industry average.

I would greatly appreciate and look for an opportunity to discuss this further, and kindly ask that we meet at a time that would be most convenient for you. I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude once again for the support you have shown me and I look forward to continuing to serve the department and the wider organization.

Kind regards,

Your Name

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