Year Up is an Effective Training Program for Middle-skill Jobs

In a country like the U.S with an evident economic disparity, there are many skilled and talented individuals without a college degree. For such people Year Up is an effective training program. Every year, it helps 3,000 plus college students across the nation. On one hand there are employers in search of talented employees for job profiles that don’t need college degrees. On the other hand there are significantly many people who either don’t have jobs or are caught-up in low salaried jobs. Year Up’s model tries to solve this problem with its unique system of functioning.

Year Up Prepares Students for Silicon Valley

year up is an effective training program

This program accepts students with no or little knowledge of negotiation regarding salary and other corporate things. To crack the jobs that are in-demand, Year Up gives its students the required skills. Students develop the knacks to efficiently deliver PowerPoint presentations, draft professional e-mails, etc. Even more, they learn the necessary professional body-language skills. Yes, these are the students who do not have college degrees but knowledge, talent, and passion to be a part of Silicon Valley.

Formerly an Investment Banker, Gerald Chertavian started Year Up in the year 2000. After this the program has seen an expansion in 20 locations including New York, Seattle, and Chicago among others. Also, Year Up recently launched a program for community college campuses also, training full-time students for jobs. Salesforce has worked with Year Up from 2008 having 264 interns since then, half of them now employed for full-time.

Model of Year Up Program

Year Up’s yearly program is divided into two parts. One has a six-month training program. In this intensified training, students get valuable knowledge and counseling from expert mentors. During the other six months, they are connected to internships in various fields such as finance, technology, business. Silicon Valley giants like Salesforce, Facebook, Tesla, Google, etc. provide internship platforms for these bright students. Often some of these internships turn into a full-time job.

Providing a stipend to the students while on the Year Up program, is one of the best aspects of this program. There are many middle-skill jobs that do require education more than high school. But these jobs don’t require a 4-year degree. Notably, such jobs make up more than 50 percent of the U.S. Labor Market jobs. Yet the middle-skill level trained workers are just 43 percent.

Training Programs can be Effective

Paralegal, IT specialist, health technician, such kind of millions of jobs will expectedly open up during the next decade, as The Atlantic reports. Year Up’s students can efficiently match-up with such middle-skill jobs. Low income individuals can thus benefit from the training Year Up program provides. High school graduate students between 17-20 who have not or do not wish to complete schooling have an unemployment rate of 18 percent. Some of them even remain underemployed, which means that they are not working for the desired hours.

The keystone to Year Up’s success according to experts is partnering-up with those employers that commit to hire students. Year Up is a training program aiming to help its’ students shift to better jobs. Moreover, it also proves that this is possible and that training programs can be effective to give worthy jobs to people.

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