Yes, No, Maybe? Why it is Important to Say NO

Are you suffering from one major disease, the disease to please everyone? If you are someone who can never say no to anyone then my dear you surely are a victim of this suffering. Yes, we understand that you don’t like to disrespect anyone by declining to do something. But what if you have to turn off a request? Yes, you can do it and it cannot be deemed as disrespect. In fact it shows that you respect the time and efforts of both the people involved in the task. It is not always necessary to rudely turn down the offer. You can do the same politely with a smile on your face in such situations and ways-

You Can Also Say No

ways to say no politely

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As a matter of fact, we are taught to be ‘nice’ to people so that the atmosphere remains tension free. We also say ‘yes’ when we ought to be declining something. Don’t worry, you can take your own time to consider the offer or request before outright rejecting the same. And in the following situations, you should definitely take the less travelled route of saying no instead of tearing yourself to pieces by accepting the request.

When You Need to Leave Your Work

We all work for specific roles and are paid for our definite jobs. Now when someone comes up to you asking for favor ask if it will affect your work. Your work and your targets should be your first priority (sometimes it is necessary to be selfish). If doing the errand does not hamper your work then you can definitely accept the request and help them.

On a Positive Note- Saying No for something that hampers your work directly exhibits your commitment towards your tasks.

Something is Not in Alignment of the Company Goals

If in a company meeting you observe some step that is not in alignment with the company goals, raise your voice. Show that you are aware of the long-term goals and are equally determined to achieve the same. This will not raise eyes against you but help people understand that their vision has taken a U-turn.

On a Positive Note- This will show that you are concerned about the progress of the company and not just yourself. It increases respect for you among your seniors.

Simply Because You Don’t Want To

Well, this is the simplest possible reason existing on earth to decline something. That you do not want to do it!Sometimes, there are no particular reasons, just vibes. There are things you want to do and things you don’t want to do. As simple as that! If you don’t want to do something, if your intuition says no, decline it politely saying you won’t be able to. You don’t even have to give a reason for every time that you say no.

Things to Remember

say no politely

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  • You can remain polite by declining a request in person or via an e-mail / message
  • You don’t need to frame a whole story for saying no. Just keep your reason to the point.
  • Don’t always reject things. Balance the whole concept of accepting and declining requests.
  • Do not turn off something important and related to your work / career / projects
  • If you are not available at the moment just decline something temporarily. Let the person know when you be available to do the same
  • Offer an alternative solution while rejecting the request
  • Always keep a Smile on your face, Always!

Remember one thing, saying no is not self-degradation but it is about not letting yourself depreciate in the facade of a good person always saying ‘Yes’.

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