Is Hiring An Overqualified Candidate The Right Decision?

If you are involved in the hiring process, you must be well aware of a factor you dread to face – the overqualified candidate. This kind of candidate is a step ahead than the ideal one you are looking for and yet you aren’t sure about hiring him. There is a generalization that if you hire an overqualified candidate, he may soon lose interest in his job and leave. A reason behind this is that they might stumble across a better opportunity or the job role doesn’t fulfill his professional self. Whatever the reason might be, we can’t ignore the fact that every recruiter secretly wishes to hire him.

It is very easy to determine whether a candidate is overqualified or not. Before calling in candidates to interview for a particular job position, the manager makes a list of the basic qualifications he requires in his potential employee. When a candidate holds qualifications significantly higher than the requirement, then he can be termed as overqualified. Usually, such a candidate’s resume is way more impressive than this hiring manager had expected. At such a time, the manager is in a fix to hire the person or not. It is mainly because the company has set a budget when it decides to hire new employees. One who has higher than necessary qualifications will also quote a number higher than the expected salary by the recruiter. Due to this a number of times recruiters hire average candidates instead of the experts.

Overqualified candidate

Hiring an overqualified candidate is a risk which can turn out to be fruitful with the right approach.

Overqualified candidate can be beneficial for the company

Recruiters are hesitant to hire overqualified candidates as they don’t want them to leave or underperform due to boredom. These are just the presumed risks of such recruitment. But on the other hand, such recruitment might turn out to be extremely beneficial for the organization. When this individual will join any team, he will already have adequate knowledge about the same. This means that the leader need not invest time and energy to train him from scratch. All he will need to do is explain how the company works so that the individual follows the same.

When an expert in the field will join your company, he will bring a fresh approach to your working style. This will help the company innovate new ways to carry out the same tasks. At times, such an approach works on the positive front. Along with this, he can also guide his colleagues to perform better. This will, in the end, result in higher work productivity of the whole team on a whole. Therefore hiring an overqualified candidate is a risk which can turn out to be fruitful with the right approach.

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