Office Humor: Things To Do To Make Office More Fun

Office humor is essential to keep your office from becoming some dull and boring place. It is good to have fun at work once in a while to keep the work environment lively.

Many workplaces arrange fun Fridays and team building activities to keep up the spirit of its employees. And, a lot of the employees engage in office pranks to have a regular dose of office humor.

office humor

So, here are some things that you can do to have some fun at work and keep up the level of office humor:

  • Go into someone’s cabin when they are super busy, pick a book from their shelves and start reading it loudly. If they ask you what you were doing, frown.
  • Answer the office phone by saying, “Do you know you’re on the air?”
  • Draw an outline of a human body with a chalk outside the main door.
  • Carry a TV remote with you to the office and try switching channels on your colleagues’ computer, when it doesn’t work, mumble “cheap Chinese stuff”.
  • Keep elevator’s door open for invisible people.
  • When someone asks you for some document or something, ask if they would like fries with that.
  • Photocopy everything around your office such as stapler, lamps, paper clips, etc. When someone asks you the reason for doing that, reply with “You can never be too careful”.
  • Announce that the lunchroom has free pizza and doughnuts. When someone tells you that they found nothing there, pat on your stomach and say “You need to be faster than that to grab those”.
  • When someone tells you “have a nice day”, reply with “I have other plans”.
  • Paint your face with red color and start searching around in people’s drawers. When someone asks what you’re searching for, ask them if they have seen your pills.
  • Leave a note on your chair saying, “I am away to participate in World Musical Chair Championship. I’ll be back when the music stops.”
  • Keep staring at someone’s screen saver and act as of you were hypnotized by it.
  • Ask someone this: “Do you hear that?” They would say “No”, and then say, “Never mind, it’s gone now.” Repeat this 10 times a day.
  • Speak with an accent for an hour, then switch to another accent.
  • Refer everyone with the name “Richard”, even female co-workers. When someone corrects you or points it out, say that it’s easier to call everyone with the same name and that you don’t have time to remember all the names.
  • Ask your boss if he has a deck of cards of solitaire, mentioning that your computer is down.
  • Add bathroom breaks on your Outlook Calendar. You can earn brownie points for sending an Outlook Invite to co-workers for the same.
  • Stand outside the restroom carrying a hockey stick, then ask everyone if they washed their hands.
  • Pretend to pray to the gods of the water cooler. You can also leave different sacrifices near it.
  • Show your calculator to everyone and hand out cigars. Then tell them that your computer had a baby.

DISCLAIMER: Do these stunts at your own risk. If you are blamed for anything, simply blame it on others. It works 100% of the times.

Diana Coker
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