How to Avoid Job Scams


Job scams are quite common in today’s job market. Some job scams are more apparent than others. It can be really difficult to tell the difference between what’s a regular job posting and what’s a job scam. Before you apply for a job online, it’s crucial to review scam warnings to help you determine if a job is a scam.

Falling for a job scam means risking your finances, identity and reputation. This is in addition to the time spent searching and applying for real opportunities.

So, how you avoid applying to job scams?

Check for red flags

Does the job posting sound too good to be true? If yes, it probably is. Job scam listings often include the following:

  • Vague job description
  • Asks for personal or financial information
  • Requires you to make an investment
  • Limited information about the organization

If the job posting is being ambiguous about the organization, it may be an indicator that it’s a scam.

Read company reviews

Employer review sites are Glassdoor and Indeed are a great place to seek information about the company. Such sites provide insider insight into what working for the company is like.

In addition, past victims sometimes post on these sites to warn potential candidates. However, you mustn’t immediately accept everything you read on company review sites. A lot of times negative reviews are written by ex-employees who left the company on a bad note.

You may also search for the company’s mentions on social media to understand what people have to say.

Trust your instinct

You are not obligated to apply to a job posting if it doesn’t feel right. As a job seeker, you must always remain alert when applying for jobs online. Ignoring what your gut says doesn’t always play out well.

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