Preparing Yourself for Employment Background Check

Have you been interviewing with a company for an amazing position? If you get shortlisted, there is a possibility that the employer may want to conduct an employment background check to determine whether you are the right candidate for the job. So, in such scenario, you don’t want to wait until you’re in the middle of the interview process to prepare for a background check. employment background check Today, executive background checks are so common in the recruitment process that one would question the sanity of the hiring manager if they are not conducting a background check before bringing someone on board. The process may include verifying your work history, criminal record, identity, and financial status, to know for sure that you were completely honest in your resume and during the interview process. So, how to prepare for a background check? Here’s how you can take proper steps to get yourself ready for any information that may pop up in the pre-employment background check.

Step 1: Run a background check on yourself

If there’s only one thing that you can do to save yourself from losing the job, is to run a background check on yourself to know what the hiring manager may find out when they would do the same. Get a copy of your credit report, your criminal record as well as your driving record and check if all of that is accurate. You can also hire a consumer reporting agency to provide you with your background employment check so that you know what your prospective employer is about to find out and give you time to be prepared with the explanation.

Step 2: Ensure that everything that is mentioned on your resume is accurate

According to a study, more than 40 percent of the resumes that are received by the hiring managers include false information. If you have stated any unauthentic information in your resume, please remove it. You might think the hiring manager won’t find out, but what if he/she does? It will eliminate you from the recruitment process. Verifying your resume to make sure that every single detail is accurate will allow you to pass this part of employment background check with flying colors.

Step 3: Contact Court to correct any inaccurate information on your criminal record

employment background check If you find any incorrect information when going through your criminal record, you can rectify those errors by calling the courthouse. Suppose you find an unexpected record that states you were convicted of assault, but you have never even been arrested. So, getting on the phone with the courthouse can help you remove that record from your criminal history. In some of the cases, you would be able to correct the inaccuracies over the phone, written request or through in-person appearance. While in other scenarios, you would require filing a petition with the court to get it done. I know it would seem like a hassle to you, but you don’t want to risk a job due to some criminal record that portrays inaccurate information.

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