Top 5 Negative Phrases At Workplace You Must Always Avoid

From time to time, we’ve seen a majority of employees making bold statements at work. These statements work in the favor, but most of the time, the impact is entirely opposite of what the employee was trying to intend. Sure, the phrases might be meaningful, but possible interpretation can result into something very damaging. Forget about the productivity or efficiency gains, the use of negative phrases at workplace offers destructive consequences. That’s why they say you must always guard your words. Good bosses and employees always use positive phrases in their language.

There are some phrases to avoid at the workplace as they are not only harmful to employees but also the company. It can lead to negative outcomes, which includes lowered creativity, higher turnover, resentment, and reduced engagement. Therefore, choose your words and phrases carefully. It should empower others as well as yourself. Regardless of how harsh your instructions might be, use a language that inspires, motivates, and captivates. Try communicating a vocal image, which conveys credibility, confidence, and clarity.

In case you’re wondering what those annoying phrases are, we’ve compiled a list of “what not to say at work”! We hope it helps.

Say “NO” To These Negative Phrases at Work

Negetive Phrases at workplace

Hey, summer is almost over. So are the working from the beach days and half-Fridays! As can be seen, it’s the period to double-down career ambitions. Excluding these cringeworthy negative phrases is a brilliant start. Furthermore, it can offer you a fast track way to promotion.

 “Look, I Know It Might Not Work, But…”

This is one of the most annoying phrases at work. Don’t use it. It’s really tough to take individuals seriously when they are the ones undercutting their own idea. Get rid of self-effacing preambles and simply state your idea. There’s no need of beating around the bush.

“Oh, I Will Try…”

Not acceptable at all. Your boss isn’t asking you to try to finish some task. He’s ordering you to get it done. In case you have concerns regarding the deadline of the project, communicate with your boss. Bosses can help in prioritizing or creating a feasible work timeline. Always avoid offering false commitments by saying you’ll try.

“Well, I Think…”

Sure, it’s less annoying phrase than the first phrase we’ve mentioned, but it still offers uncertainty. Next time when you’re pitching some idea, keep in mind that you aren’t allowed to use this phrase. Avoiding the use of this phrase will help you convey better authority.

 “Hey, Can You Just Go Through…”

You might think it’s not a big deal, but this phrase conveys dismissal and hesitation. Whether you’re asking a question or requesting the intern to get some copies of the page, don’t use this. Use “Please” instead. It’ll look more decent and acceptable.

“No Big Deal/No Problem At All.”

Stop making a fool of yourself. The perky phrase may look like you’re quite happy to accept some assignment, but your bosses might see it with a different perspective. To put it differently, you might sound like you’re doing them a favor. Instead, use positive phrases like “I’ll get back to you with it ASAP” or “I understand. I’ll get it done soon.”

Now that you’re aware of phrases to avoid at the workplace, we hope that you start implementing the changes ASAP. It’s good for your career and it will help in building a great impression.

Diana Coker
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