Things To Consider Before Going Back To Your Old Job

going back to your old job

You joined a new company as the new job was as shining as gold, but as soon as you started working there you found that it is just a yellow stone. Now you hate your new job and are considering going back to your old job. You now regret leaving that job in the first place, and now want to rejoin your old company.

Is that even possible? Why not?

However, you need to consider certain things before going back to your old job.

You need to make sure that you are not repeating any of your past mistakes and need to know that it would be the right decision.

What made you leave in the first place?

You have to know if the reason due to which you left the job is still a factor. If you left because your boss was a jerk, you need to know if you’ll be working with him when you rejoin. If workplace culture was the issue, you cannot expect any different culture or a drastic change in the office culture. If pay was the issue, you should know for sure that your ex-employer is willing to pay you more than he used to before. You should not consider going back until you are sure that you would be happy working there.

Are the bridges intact?

Did you leave on a positive note? Was your departure well-received by your former employer? If so, you can consider going back to your old job with relief. But if not, you should search for a new job as you do not want to work for your ex-employer if there are some lingering hard feelings.

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Take the interview seriously

Boomerang employees often do the mistake of taking the interview too casually. Just because you already had an employee-employer relation with the employer doesn’t make it any less of an interview. You have to take the interview seriously to let the employer know that you value the opportunity and don’t take it for granted. At the end of the interview, your employer must know that you are serious for your role in the company and will be sticking to the company for a longer period of time.

Don’t be all “How it used to be”

You cannot expect the office to be the same as it used to be when you left. The workplace might have changed in various ways and you have to accept it as it is now. Don’t try to be all “How it used to be”; the new employees (even when they are old ones) will only roll eyes after hearing your nostalgic comments.

Salary negotiation

If you have gained some experience in your field and were being paid more in your current job, don’t accept a lower pay just because you are a boomerang employee. Negotiate the salary with your former employee so that you are satisfied with your job and stick to it for a longer term.

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