Are You Being Cocky While Accepting Compliments At Work?

There are people who struggle while accepting compliments at work much more than strong criticism. On the contrary, there are others who are too cocky for their own good when it comes to handling praises at work. Are you a perfect fit for the second category? The so-called “Cocky” employees? I’m sure you won’t accept it, but your conscience will tell you some other story. You know you turn into one of those obnoxious, cocky employees when someone praises you.

You must not consider behaving in an arrogant manner because it can turn your bosses and colleagues against you. Always remember that the mistakes you make will often arrive into everyone’s notice. The good things, at the same time, may drift away hidden. So, if you’re getting noticed for your good work, you should start appreciating it. It feels extremely great when someone compliments your work. But yet, due to some strange mistakes, the way you receive the compliment can send your seniors or colleagues into a tailspin.

Even if you’re known as the ‘Comedy Guy’, ‘Witty Woman’, ‘Sarcastic Fellow’, etc., try not to let the humor take the best out of you. Avoid making uncomfortable and cocky response while someone is praising you. Learn how to say thank you in a decent manner. Being boastful and arrogance will certainly take you nowhere near the much needed successful stint.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s concentrate on a few tips on how to start handling praises at work.

Accepting compliments at work


Alright, we know you’re extremely well-established in the work you do. So what? It doesn’t mean that you’ve got a universal right to make people talk about it all the time. If your boss is praising you, handle it politely with a genuine smile on your face. Say thank you in a graceful manner rather than start fishing for more of it.


When you’re being praised for work, consider it as a present. Be polite to the individual who is complimenting you and please move on! No need to boast about the compliment you received a week ago.


There are times when your boss might say something that may not match with your point of view while praising. Avoid the definite urge to argue on the point. It would unnecessarily create a scene and can end up in an awkward situation.


By all means, we know you’re too good at your work. We know that you’re accustomed to receiving compliments on a majority of tasks. But this does not mean you have to show your arrogance when someone compliments you. In fact, it’s a huge turn-off.


If you’re getting praised for work by your bosses and colleagues, show them how grateful you’re by thanking them. They will appreciate you more for your humble personality.


Along with verbal, nonverbal hints count as well. Body language is important, especially when you’re receiving praises with professionalism. Keep a smile on your face, maintain eye contact, and try to keep an open posture. The person complimenting you will find it as a sincere gesture. This way you can create a long lasting impression.

Now go ahead and play by the rules. Don’t let that cockiness and arrogance get the best out of you.

Anna Verasai
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