NOT TO DO GUIDE: Things not to say when saying “I Quit”


At some point in time, you will decide to quit your job either because you are fed up with all the things going on or have found a better job. In such situation, we usually end up saying things that may burn bridges between you and your current employer, which may hurt your career in the future.

More often than not, people regret what they said while quitting their job, especially when the reason for leaving is the end of tolerance. So before you say ‘I Quit!’, here is a guide to tell you what not to say when you quit your job:

  • “I’m leaving this job…right now!”
  • “You are a bad boss; you have no clue how to manage people.” or “I cannot work with someone who micromanages stuff, I was sick of being spied.”
  • “All the employees of this company are so unhappy. They all will quit one by one.”
  • “I wish I never accepted the job at this company, this is the worst company I’ve ever worked with.”
  • “Company’s service/product is not meeting customer’s expectations.”
  • “Everyone is getting promoted but me, so I quit!”
  • “My boss is playing favorites, she hates me so much.”
  • “I was underpaid.” Or “I deserve a lot more compensation than I’m paid right now.”
  • “I’m worried about company’s future.”
  • “My senior has always blocked my progress.” Or “My manager was so mean; he never updated me with any of the matters.”
  • “I was really fed up.”
  • “My work was never appreciated here.”
  • “I did my job well, but the company or the manager never bothered to reward me for my accomplishments.”
  • “I’ve already told this to my colleagues, so now is the time to tell you… I Quit!”
  • “I came to see you but you were busy/not available, so I’m leaving this voicemail to tell you that I’m leaving this job.”
  • “I hope the company survives even after I leave.”
  • “I’m not interested in knowing your counteroffer, I’m not staying even if you plead me to.”
  • “You know what’s wrong with this company? Here’s the thing…” then going on and on about everything that you dislike about the organization.
  • “I’ve got a really better job in a way cooler company. It provides a lot more benefits and pays much higher than what I’m currently earning”
  • “Good luck with this sinking ship.”

I know what you’re thinking – “Who says that while quitting?” Well, all that you read above are real life examples and that’s exactly what made me write this “What not to say when you quit your job”. There are a lot of people who have burned bridges with their former employer by saying something similar to the above-mentioned statements. I would recommend you to stay calm and leave on a positive note instead of saying whatever strikes your mind during the exit interview. Good luck with breaking the news and congratulations for your new job!


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